General information about sub-specialty

This subspecialty is concerned with the application of ultrasound and its related techniques in Neurology. The continuous technical improvements observed in the last decades in the field of ultrasound has transformed neurosonology into valuable tool for the diagnosis and monitoring of a wide range of neurological diseases.

Traditionally, Neurosonology has been used in evaluating venous and arterial disorders of the cervical and cranial segments, with a focus on atherosclerotic disease, while also encompassing diagnosis and monitoring for a wide array of pathologies such as dissections, dysplasia, carotid webs, vasospasm, subclavian steal phenomenon, arterio-venous malformations and many others. Novel techniques, involving custom probes such as those used in bilateral TCD monitoring allow for more complex evaluations, including HITS and contrast microbubbles detection and assessment of the cerebrovascular reactivity.

Neurosonology has also been increasingly used in emergency setting in recent years, due to its portability, non-invasive nature and excellent temporal resolution. While Point-of-Care-UltraSound (POCUS) has been widely used in the emergency rooms across the world for years, Neuro-POCUS is just beginning to be implemented, mirroring the ever more dynamic shifts in acute therapies for cerebrovascular diseases.

About the EAN Scientific Panel Neurosonology

The EAN Neurosonology Scientific Panel actively promotes and supports issues related to the Neurological applications of ultrasound and its related techniques. The Panel is also involved in educational and scientific activities within the framework of EAN. It aims at including representatives from all European countries.

The panel substantially contributes to the Scientific Programme at EAN congresses (including plenary sessions, teaching courses and focused workshops) and other EAN educational activities (such as regional teaching courses). The panel is involved in producing Expert Consensus Paper in the field of Neurosonology, and offers its expertise in collaborations with other related European medical associations, such as the European Society of Neurosonology and Cerebral Hemodynamics (ESNCH).

Group members, including the Resident and Research Fellow Section members, are strongly encouraged to engage in the activities promoted by the panel and to contribute to the sharing of advances in the field of Neurosonology via EANpages, and to engage in the activities promoted by the panel.

Management Group

Azevedo, Elsa

Panel Member (Institution)

Azevedo, Elsa
Porto, Portugal
Kneihsl, Markus


Kneihsl, Markus
Graz, Austria
Baracchini, Claudio

ESNCH representative

Baracchini, Claudio
Padua, Italy
Lovrencic-Huzjan, Arijana

Management Group Member

Lovrencic-Huzjan, Arijana
Zagreb, Croatia
Martinez Sanchez, Patricia

Management Group Member

Martinez Sanchez, Patricia
Almería, Spain
Tiu, Vlad

RRFS Representative

Tiu, Vlad
Bucharest, Romania
Zedde, Marialuisa

Management Group Member

Zedde, Marialuisa
Reggio Emilia, Italy

Individual panel members

Demarin, Vida
Demarin, Vida
Zagreb, Croatia
Fonseca, Ana Catarina
Fonseca, Ana Catarina
Lisboa, Portugal
Školoudík, David
Školoudík, David
Ostrava, Czech Republic
Nasr, Nathalie
Nasr, Nathalie
Niederkorn, Kurt
Niederkorn, Kurt
Graz, Austria
Ringelstein, E. Bernd
Ringelstein, E. Bernd
Münster, Germany
Ripellino, Paolo
Ripellino, Paolo
Lugano, Switzerland
Schlachetzki, Felix
Schlachetzki, Felix
Regensburg, Germany
Tannemaat, Martijn
Tannemaat, Martijn
Leiden, The Netherlands
Tudor, Katarina Ivana
Tudor, Katarina Ivana
Zagreb, Croatia
Van Alfen, Nens
Van Alfen, Nens
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Vereshchak, Mariana
Vereshchak, Mariana
Lviv, Ukraine
Walter, Uwe
Walter, Uwe
Rostock, Germany
Zekja, Ilirjana
Zekja, Ilirjana
Tirana, Albania

RRFS Member

Abed, Elsayed
Abed, Elsayed
Cairo, Egypt
Alis, Ceren
Alis, Ceren
Istanbul, Turkey
Ciopleias, Bogdan
Ciopleias, Bogdan
Braşov, Romania
Dębiec, Aleksander
Dębiec, Aleksander
Warsaw, Poland
Di Donna, Martina Gaia
Di Donna, Martina Gaia
Rome, Italy
Dimancea, Alexandru Andrei
Dimancea, Alexandru Andrei
Bucuresti, Romania
Duque, Cristina
Duque, Cristina
Porto, Portugal
Fare', Matteo
Fare', Matteo
Monza, Italy
Fontanelli, Lorenzo
Fontanelli, Lorenzo
Capannoli, Italy
Laterza, Vincenzo
Laterza, Vincenzo
Altamura, Italy
Magro, Giuseppe
Magro, Giuseppe
Catanzaro, Italy
Marchenko, Yelena
Marchenko, Yelena
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Mavridis, Theodoros
Mavridis, Theodoros
Athens, Greece
Meenakshisundaram, Sreenivas
Meenakshisundaram, Sreenivas
Chennai, India
Merli, Nicola
Merli, Nicola
Ferrara, Italy
Piga, Giuseppe
Piga, Giuseppe
Cagliari, Italy
Pinna, Francesca
Pinna, Francesca
Osilo, Italy
Rifino, Nicola
Rifino, Nicola
Milan, Italy
Rizzo, Federica
Rizzo, Federica
Carmiano, Italy
Santangelo, Francesco
Santangelo, Francesco
Monza, Italy
Scoppettuolo, Pasquale
Scoppettuolo, Pasquale
Brussels, Belgium
Sodero, Alessandro
Sodero, Alessandro
Florence, Italy
Tinti, Lorenzo
Tinti, Lorenzo
Milano, Italy
Tseriotis, Vasilis-Spyridon
Tseriotis, Vasilis-Spyridon
Thessaloniki, Greece
Vlahovic, Dmitar
Vlahovic, Dmitar
Novi Sad, Serbia
Zhubi, Esra
Zhubi, Esra
Prishtina, Kosovo, Albania

Partner Society Representatives

Wang, Yongjun

AOAN Representative

Wang, Yongjun
Baracchini, Claudio

ESNCH representative

Baracchini, Claudio
Padua, Italy

Institutional panel members

Andreas Von Weitzel-Mudersbach, Paul
Andreas Von Weitzel-Mudersbach, Paul
Antochi, Florina
Antochi, Florina
Bucharest, Romania
Azevedo, Elsa
Azevedo, Elsa
Porto, Portugal
Bažadona, Danira
Bažadona, Danira
Zagreb, Croatia
Bakola, Eleni
Bakola, Eleni
Chalandri, Greece
Bucataru, Olga
Bucataru, Olga
Chisinau, Moldova
Chernenko, Natallia
Chernenko, Natallia
Minsk, Belarus
De Raedt, Sylvie
De Raedt, Sylvie
Jette, Belgium
Del Sette, Massimo
Del Sette, Massimo
La Spezia, Italy
Droste, Dirk W.
Droste, Dirk W.
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Ekkert, Aleksandra
Ekkert, Aleksandra
Vilnius, Lithuania
Haratz, Salo
Haratz, Salo
Ashdod, Israel
Ijäs, Petra
Ijäs, Petra
Helsinki, Finland
Kenda, Jana
Kenda, Jana
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Kesnerova, Petra
Kesnerova, Petra
Prague, Czech Republic
Kikule, Ilga
Kikule, Ilga
Riga, Latvia
Kowalska, Małgorzata
Kowalska, Małgorzata
Warsaw, Poland
Larrue, Vincent
Larrue, Vincent
Luchowski, Piotr
Luchowski, Piotr
Lublin, Poland
Martinez Sanchez, Patricia
Martinez Sanchez, Patricia
Almería, Spain
Mathiesen, Ellisiv B.
Mathiesen, Ellisiv B.
Tromsø, Norway
Nedelmann, Max
Nedelmann, Max
Mainz, Germany
Oláh, László
Oláh, László
Debrecen, Hungary
Panczel, Gyula
Panczel, Gyula
Kistarcsa, Hungary
Pantzaris, Marios
Pantzaris, Marios
Nicosia, Cyprus
Rosenbaum, Sverre Henning
Rosenbaum, Sverre Henning
Copenhagen, Denmark
Sabelnikova, Santa
Sabelnikova, Santa
Rīga, Latvia
Sargento Freitas, João
Sargento Freitas, João
Coimbra, Portugal
Schmidauer, Christof
Schmidauer, Christof
Innsbruck, Austria
Scoppettuolo, Pasquale
Scoppettuolo, Pasquale
Brussels, Belgium
Slankamenac, Petar
Slankamenac, Petar
Novi Sad, Serbia
Smetanca, Irina
Smetanca, Irina
Chisinau, Moldova
Sorgun, Mine Hayriye
Sorgun, Mine Hayriye
Spina, Emanuele
Spina, Emanuele
Naples, Italy
Stulin, Igor D.
Stulin, Igor D.
Russian Federation
Tiu, Vlad
Tiu, Vlad
Bucharest, Romania
Toomsoo, Toomas
Toomsoo, Toomas
Tallinn, Estonia
Topcuoglu, Mehmet
Topcuoglu, Mehmet
Ankara, Turkey
Traenka, Christopher
Traenka, Christopher
Basel, Switzerland
Švabić Medjedović, Tamara
Švabić Medjedović, Tamara
Belgrade, Serbia
Vadikolias, Konstantinos
Vadikolias, Konstantinos
Aleksandroupoli, Greece
Valaikiene, Jurgita
Valaikiene, Jurgita
Vilnius, Lithuania
Wegener, Susanne
Wegener, Susanne
Zurich, Switzerland