Neuroscience/Translational neurology

Effective as of November 2019, the EAN Board decided to create a new Neuroscience/translational Scientific Panel. This comes as a result of merging the Translational neurology and Neurotoxicology Scientific Panels.

Within this framework, EAN wishes to support and develop expertise in bridging the gap between neuroscience and clinical knowledge.

All EAN individual members, who are interested in this field, are welcome to join. Contact the Head office at for more information!

Management Group

Maia, Luis F.


Maia, Luis F. (MD-PhD)
PORTO, Portugal
Pisani, Antonio


Pisani, Antonio (MD, PhD)
Pavia, Italy
Atanassova, Penka

Management Group Member

Atanassova, Penka (MD, PhD)
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Dobbels, Laurens

Management Group Member

Dobbels, Laurens (Dr.)
Leuven, Belgium
Tanasescu, Radu

Management Group Member

Tanasescu, Radu (MD, PhD)
Nottingham, United Kingdom

Individual panel members

Barca, Emanuele
Barca, Emanuele (MD)
Messina, Italy
Chabriat, Hugues
Chabriat, Hugues (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Paris, France
Ferrarese, Carlo
Ferrarese, Carlo (MD, Prof)
Monza, Italy
González-Menacho, Jordi
González-Menacho, Jordi (Dr.)
Reus, Spain
Gutowski, Nicholas J.
Gutowski, Nicholas J. (MD)
Exeter, United Kingdom
Leone, Maurizio A.
Leone, Maurizio A. (MD, FEAN)
S. Giovanni Rotondo, Italy
Pandolfo, Massimo
Pandolfo, Massimo (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Montreal, Canada
Sena, Armando José Nunes Harrington
Sena, Armando José Nunes Harrington (MD, Prof)
Portela LRS, Portugal
Spencer, Peter
Spencer, Peter (MD, PhD)
Portland, United States
Tankisi, Hatice
Tankisi, Hatice
Aarhus N, Denmark
Vonck, Kristl
Vonck, Kristl (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Gent, Belgium

RRFS Member

Dobbels, Laurens
Dobbels, Laurens (Dr.)
Leuven, Belgium

Partner Society Representatives

Takahashi, Ryosuke

AOAN Representative

Takahashi, Ryosuke

Institutional panel members

Blaabjerg, Morten
Blaabjerg, Morten (MD, PhD)
Odense, Denmark
Boziki, Marina Kleopatra
Boziki, Marina Kleopatra
Thessaloniki, Greece
Bråthen, Geir
Bråthen, Geir (MD, Associate Professor, FEAN)
Trondheim, Norway
Damier, Philippe G.
Damier, Philippe G. (MD, PhD, MBA, Prof)
Nantes, France
Dénes, Adam
Dénes, Adam
Di Liberto, Giovanni
Di Liberto, Giovanni (MD-PhD)
Geneva, Switzerland
Elena, Serebreanschi
Elena, Serebreanschi
chisinau, Moldova
Gavriliuc, Mihail
Gavriliuc, Mihail (MD, Prof)
Chisinau, Moldova
Glazunovs, Dmitrijs
Glazunovs, Dmitrijs
Gulyaeva, Natalia
Gulyaeva, Natalia (MD, Prof)
Moscow, Russian Federation
Hochmeister, Sonja (MD Ph.D.)
Graz, Austria
Jasionis, Arminas
Jasionis, Arminas (MD)
Vilnius, Lithuania
Jiruška, Přemysl
Jiruška, Přemysl (prof.)
Prague 5, Czech Republic
Kaelin, Alain
Kaelin, Alain (MD, Prof)
Bern, Switzerland
Khalil, Michael
Khalil, Michael (MD PhD)
Graz, Austria
Lackner, Peter
Lackner, Peter (MD)
Vienna, Austria
Linskiy, Igor V.
Linskiy, Igor V.
Ludolph, Albert C.
Ludolph, Albert C. (MD, Prof)
Ulm, Germany
Maggio, Nicola
Maggio, Nicola (MD)
Mancini, Andrea
Mancini, Andrea (MD)
Perugia, Italy
Marchenko, Sergey
Marchenko, Sergey (M.D.)
Minsk, Belarus
Mednieks, Janis
Mednieks, Janis (Mr)
Meuth, Sven
Meuth, Sven (MD)
Münster, Germany
Michel, Laure
Michel, Laure
Misic, Octavian
Misic, Octavian (MD, PhD)
chisinau, Moldova
Nadj, Congor
Nadj, Congor (MD Prof)
Novi Sad, Serbia
Nikolova, Pavlina
Nikolova, Pavlina (MD)
Sofia, Bulgaria
Obradovic, Dragana
Obradovic, Dragana (MD, PhD)
Belgrade, Serbia
Oprisan, Luminita  Alexandra
Oprisan, Luminita Alexandra (MD)
Bucharest, Romania
Pesovic, Jovan
Pesovic, Jovan
Puteikis, Kristijonas
Puteikis, Kristijonas
Vilnius, Lithuania
Reindl, Markus
Reindl, Markus (MD, Prof)
Innsbruck, Austria
Ristic, Aleksandar
Ristic, Aleksandar (MD)
Belgrade, Serbia
Stamenova, Paraskeva Kostov
Stamenova, Paraskeva Kostov (MD, Prof)
Sofia, Bulgaria
Tzoulis, Charalampos
Tzoulis, Charalampos (MD)
Bergen, Norway
Vaitkus, Antanas
Vaitkus, Antanas (MD, Prof)
Kaunas, Lithuania
van Engelen, Baziel G.M.
van Engelen, Baziel G.M. (MD, PhD)
Nijmegen, Netherlands
Vojnovic, Vanja
Vojnovic, Vanja (MD)
Zagreb, Croatia
Wild, Edward
Wild, Edward (MD PhD)
London, United Kingdom
Yemişci Özkan, Müge
Yemişci Özkan, Müge (MD, PhD)
Ankara, Turkey