The main objective of the EAN Scientific Panel on Neuroimmunology is to promote accumulation and dissemination of knowledge in the field of Neuroimmunology. This involves good neuroimmunological practice at the bedside and in the laboratory; relevant Neuroimmunology research; and excellent educational training.

Several instruments are used by the EAN Scientific Panel to approach these goals.
Task forces are appointed to recommend guidelines on specific and timely issues in the field of Neuroimmunology. Such task forces can be joint projects with other EAN Subspecialty Scientific Panel.

The findings, conclusions, and guidelines of the task forces are usually published in the European Journal of Neurology. Communication activities during the annual EFNS Congress (teaching courses, focussed workshops, main topics) allow for dissemination of knowledge.

The involvement of the EAN Scientific Panel on Neuroimmunology members to the annual European School of Neuroimmunology (ESNI) and to regional EAN teaching courses and programmes further underlines the high commitment of the Scientific Panel to training. The Panel also works at contributing to framework programmes of the European Commission and at fostering European collaboration in the field of clinical and experimental Neuroimmunology.

The established or previously unanticipated involvement of inflammation and immunity in a wide variety of PNS and CNS diseases should provide fertile ground for productive interactions within EAN.

Management Group


Hochmeister, Sonja (MD)
Graz, Austria
Tanasescu, Radu


Tanasescu, Radu (MD, PhD)
Nottingham, United Kingdom
Boyko, Alexey
Boyko, Alexey
Karussis, Dimitrios
Karussis, Dimitrios (MD,Prof)
Probert, Lesley
Probert, Lesley (Dr.)
Titulaer, Maarten J.
Titulaer, Maarten J. (MD PhD)
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Vogrig, Alberto
Vogrig, Alberto (MD)
Bron, France

Individual panel members

Cerqueira, João José  Fernandes Cardoso Araújo
Cerqueira, João José Fernandes Cardoso Araújo (MD, AssProf)
Braga, Portugal
Chaudhuri, Abhijit
Chaudhuri, Abhijit (MD, DM, PhD, FACP, FRCP, FEAN)
Greater London, United Kingdom
Czlonkowska, Anna
Czlonkowska, Anna (MD, Prof)
Warsaw, Poland
Inglese, Matilde
Inglese, Matilde (MD, PhD)
Khalil, Michael
Khalil, Michael (MD PhD)
Graz, Austria
Liguori, Rocco
Liguori, Rocco (MD, Prof)
Bologna, Italy
Masrori, Pegah
Leuven, Belgium
Massacesi, Luca
Massacesi, Luca (MD, Prof., FEAN)
Florence, Italy
Rajda, Cecilia
Rajda, Cecilia (MD)
Szeged, Hungary
Titulaer, Maarten J.
Titulaer, Maarten J. (MD PhD)
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Valis, Martin
Valis, Martin (MD, FEAN)
Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
Verschuuren, Jan
Verschuuren, Jan (Prof)
OEGSTGEEST, The Netherlands

RRFS Member

Abbadessa, Gianmarco
Abbadessa, Gianmarco (MD)
Naples, Italy
Arsenijevic, Mirjana
Arsenijevic, Mirjana (MD, PhD student)
Belgrade, Serbia
Bârsan, Ioana-Cristina
Bârsan, Ioana-Cristina (Doctor)
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Belliniva, Angelo
Belliniva, Angelo (MD)
Florence, Italy
Breza, Marianthi
Breza, Marianthi (MD,MSc,PhD candidate)
Athens, Greece
Chatzikonstantinou, Simela
Chatzikonstantinou, Simela (MD)
Ciano Petersen, Nicolas Lundahl
Ciano Petersen, Nicolas Lundahl (MD)
Damato, Valentina
Damato, Valentina (MD)
Rome, Italy
Delgado-García, Guillermo
Delgado-García, Guillermo (MD)
Mexico City, Mexico
Dinoto, Alessandro
Dinoto, Alessandro (MD)
Trieste, Italy
Florea, Andreea
Florea, Andreea (MD)
Bucharest, Romania
Fominykh, Vera
Fominykh, Vera (Dr)
Moscow, Russian Federation
gelibter, stefano
gelibter, stefano
milano, Italy
Giannoccaro, Maria Pia
Giannoccaro, Maria Pia (MD)
Bologna, Italy
Gomaa, Mohamed Zeinhom Mahmoud
Gomaa, Mohamed Zeinhom Mahmoud (MD)
kafr elsheikh, Egypt
Koduri, Venkata Krishna Chaitanya
Koduri, Venkata Krishna Chaitanya (MD, DM, MRCP(SCE Neurology))
Hyderabad, India
Lefter, Antonia
Lefter, Antonia (MD)
Bucharest, Romania
Mariotto, Sara
Mariotto, Sara (MD)
Verona, Italy
Mavridis, Theodoros
Mavridis, Theodoros (MD)
Athens, Greece
Miclea, Andrei
Miclea, Andrei
Bern, Switzerland
Muñiz Castrillo, Sergio
Muñiz Castrillo, Sergio
Lyon, France
Nemes, Bianca-Oana
Nemes, Bianca-Oana (MD)
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
sayman, ceyhun
sayman, ceyhun (MD)
istanbul, Turkey
Sharifian Dorche, Maryam
Sharifian Dorche, Maryam (MD)
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Soares dos Reis, Ricardo
Soares dos Reis, Ricardo (Dr)
Porto, Portugal
Talavera De la Esperanza, Blanca
Talavera De la Esperanza, Blanca
Valladolid, Spain
Vecchio, Domizia
Vecchio, Domizia (MD)
Novara, Italy

Partner Society Representatives

Rostásy, Kevin

EPNS representative

Rostásy, Kevin (Prof. Dr.)
Datteln, Germany

Institutional panel members

Blaabjerg, Morten
Blaabjerg, Morten (MD, PhD)
Odense, Denmark
Brecl Jakob, Gregor
Brecl Jakob, Gregor (MD, PhD)
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Di Pauli, Franziska
Di Pauli, Franziska
Innsbruck, Austria
Drulovic, Jelena
Drulovic, Jelena (MD, Prof)
Belgrade, Serbia
Du Pasquier, Renaud
Du Pasquier, Renaud (MD, Prof)
Lausanne, Switzerland
Gastaldi, Matteo
Gastaldi, Matteo (MD)
pavia, Italy
Giedraitiene, Natasa
Giedraitiene, Natasa (MD)
Vilnius, Lithuania
Glazere, Ieva
Glazere, Ieva (MD)
Riga, Latvia
Gran, Bruno
Gran, Bruno (MD, PhD, FRCP)
Nottingham, United Kingdom
Grigoriadis, Nikolaos
Grigoriadis, Nikolaos (MD, AssProf)
Thessaloniki, Greece
Hellmann, Mark
Hellmann, Mark (MD)
Petah Tikva, Israel
Hvilsted Nielsen, Helle
Hvilsted Nielsen, Helle (Dr)
Odense, Denmark
Ivanovic, Jovana (MD, PhD)
Belgrade, Serbia
Kenina, Viktorija
Kenina, Viktorija (Dr.)
Khamidula, Alima
Khamidula, Alima
Aktobe, Kazakhstan
Kidd, Desmond
Kidd, Desmond (MD)
London, United Kingdom
Kleopa, Kleopas
Kleopa, Kleopas (MD, Prof)
Nicosia, Cyprus
Kürtüncü, Murat
Kürtüncü, Murat (Professor of Neurology)
Istanbul, Turkey
Liblau, Roland
Liblau, Roland (MD, Prof)
Lisy, Lubomír
Lisy, Lubomír (MD, Prof)
Bratislava, Slovakia
Manole, Elena
Manole, Elena (MD, AssProf)
Chisinau, Moldova
Lyon - Bron Cédex, France
Nytrová, Petra
Nytrová, Petra (MD)
Prague, Czech Republic
Oertel, Frederike Cosima
Oertel, Frederike Cosima
Berlin, Germany
Prüß, Harald
Prüß, Harald (MD)
Berlin, Germany
Salmen, Anke
Salmen, Anke (Dr)
Bern, Switzerland
Salvetti, Marco
Salvetti, Marco (MD)
Rome, Italy
Santos, Ernestina
Santos, Ernestina (MD, PhD)
Porto, Portugal
Taluntiene, Vera
Taluntiene, Vera (MD)
Vilnius, Lithuania
Turcan, Tatiana
Turcan, Tatiana (MD)
Chisinau, Moldova
Vécsei, László
Vécsei, László (MD, Prof)
Szeged, Hungary
Villar Guimerans, Luisa Maria
Villar Guimerans, Luisa Maria (MD)
Vojinovic, Slobodan
Vojinovic, Slobodan (Prof. MD PhD)
Nis, Serbia
Willekens, Barbara
Willekens, Barbara (MD)
Edegem, Belgium
Zahariev, Zahari
Zahariev, Zahari (MD, Prof)
Plovdiv, Bulgaria