General information about sub-specialty

Neuroimmunology is a subspecialty that involves diagnosis and management of immune-mediated neurological disorders. Besides, through fundamental, translational and clinical research, neuroimmunologists try to improve the understanding of the complex bi-directional interactions between the nervous system and the immune system. Neuroimmunology is a rapidly evolving and exciting field in which the discovery of novel pathophysiological mechanisms contributes to development of new targeted treatment approaches.

Originally, neuroimmunologists mainly focused on immune-mediated disorders, such as multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis, MOGAD, NMOSD, Susac syndrome, Guillain-Barré syndrome, CIDP, autoimmune encephalitis, paraneoplastic neurological syndromes, etc. However, the immune system contributes in a significant way to neurodegenerative diseases, neurovascular disorders, neuropsychiatric disorders, neuro-oncology, pain, ageing. Immune responses may contribute not only to disease but also play a role in regeneration and repair.

This involvement of inflammation and immunity in a wide variety of PNS and CNS diseases should provide fertile ground for productive interactions within EAN.

About the EAN Scientific Panel Neuroimmunology

The EAN Scientific Panel on Neuroimmunology actively promotes the accumulation and dissemination of knowledge in the field of Neuroimmunology. This involves good neuroimmunological practice at the bedside and in the laboratory, relevant neuroimmunology research as well as excellent educational training.

Several instruments are used by the EAN Scientific Panel to approach these aims.

Task forces are appointed to recommend guidelines on specific and timely issues in the field of Neuroimmunology. Such task forces can be joint projects with other EAN Subspecialty Scientific Panels, EAN Coordinating Panels and other European medical associations. The findings, conclusions, and guidelines of the task forces are usually published in the European Journal of Neurology.

The EAN Scientific Panel on Neuroimmunology contributes to the annual EAN Congress with teaching courses, focused workshops, or other educational activities.

The involvement of the EAN Scientific Panel on Neuroimmunology members in EAN Coordinating Panels, to the annual European School of Neuroimmunology (ESNI) and to regional EAN teaching courses and programmes further underlines the high commitment of the Scientific Panel to education and training. The Panel also works at contributing to framework programmes of the European Commission and at fostering European collaboration in the field of clinical and experimental Neuroimmunology.

The panel has several working groups and all panel members, including RRFS members, are encouraged to actively participate in the Panel's activities (e.g. neuro-updates, congress topic/session proposals, survey's, guidelines, .... )

The Scientific Panel on Neuroimmunology organizes its annual meeting during the EAN congress, where activities of the past year and future plans are discussed.

Management Group

Vogrig, Alberto


Vogrig, Alberto
Udine, Italy
Willekens, Barbara


Willekens, Barbara
Edegem, Belgium
Abbadessa, Gianmarco

RRFS Representative

Abbadessa, Gianmarco
Naples, Italy
Gastaldi, Matteo

Management Group Member

Gastaldi, Matteo
pavia, Italy
Hochmeister, Sonja

Panel Member (Institution)

Hochmeister, Sonja
Graz, Austria
Wiendl, Heinz

ISNI Representative

Wiendl, Heinz
Münster, Germany

Individual panel members

Boziki, Marina Kleopatra
Boziki, Marina Kleopatra
Thessaloniki, Greece
Cerqueira, João
Cerqueira, João
Braga, Portugal
Chaudhuri, Abhijit
Chaudhuri, Abhijit
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Cuzzubbo, Stefania
Cuzzubbo, Stefania
Paris, France
D'amico, Emanuele
D'amico, Emanuele
Foggia, Italy
Dinoto, Alessandro
Dinoto, Alessandro
Verona, Italy
Dumitrescu, Laura
Dumitrescu, Laura
Bucharest, Romania
Gluscevic, Sanja
Gluscevic, Sanja
PODGORICA, Montenegro
Khalil, Michael
Khalil, Michael
Graz, Austria
Liguori, Rocco
Liguori, Rocco
Bologna, Italy
Lünemann, Jan
Lünemann, Jan
Münster, Germany
Mankovskyi, Dmytro
Mankovskyi, Dmytro
Kiev, Ukraine
Masrori, Pegah
Masrori, Pegah
Leuven, Belgium
Massacesi, Luca
Massacesi, Luca
Florence, Italy
Matricardi, Sara
Matricardi, Sara
Chieti, Italy
Mulero, Patricia
Mulero, Patricia
Oreja-Guevara, Celia
Oreja-Guevara, Celia
Madrid, Spain
Rajda, Cecilia
Rajda, Cecilia
Szeged, Hungary
Sellner, Johann
Sellner, Johann
Mistelbach, Austria
Smolders, Joost
Smolders, Joost
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Stabile, Andrea
Stabile, Andrea
Milan, Italy
Tanasescu, Radu
Tanasescu, Radu
Nottingham, United Kingdom
Titulaer, Maarten J.
Titulaer, Maarten J.
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Verschuuren, Jan
Verschuuren, Jan
Leiden, The Netherlands
Villani, Flavio
Villani, Flavio
Genova, Italy
Wiendl, Heinz
Wiendl, Heinz
Münster, Germany
Zanghì, Aurora
Zanghì, Aurora
Foggia, Italy

RRFS Member

Abed, Elsayed
Abed, Elsayed
Cairo, Egypt
Afkir Ortega, Mariam
Afkir Ortega, Mariam
Málaga, Spain
Bakircioglu Duman, Ezgi
Bakircioglu Duman, Ezgi
Hampshire, United Kingdom
Bellinvia, Angelo
Bellinvia, Angelo
Firenze, Italy
Beretta, Francesca
Beretta, Francesca
Firenze, Italy
Bollo, Luca
Bollo, Luca
Barcelona, Spain
Cambier, Audrey
Cambier, Audrey
Saint Gilles, Belgium
Chatzikonstantinou, Simela
Chatzikonstantinou, Simela
Cimpanu, Catalina
Cimpanu, Catalina
München, Germany
Costa Novo, Joana
Costa Novo, Joana
Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
Damato, Valentina
Damato, Valentina
Firenze FI, Italy
Falcone, Grazia Maria Igea
Falcone, Grazia Maria Igea
Messina, Italy
Fominykh, Vera
Fominykh, Vera
Oslo, Norway
Fontanelli, Lorenzo
Fontanelli, Lorenzo
Capannoli, Italy
Franceschini, Alessandro
Franceschini, Alessandro
Parma, Italy
Giannoccaro, Maria Pia
Giannoccaro, Maria Pia
Bologna, Italy
Gonzalez Martinez, Alicia
Gonzalez Martinez, Alicia
Madrid, Spain
Guedes Vaz, Catarina
Guedes Vaz, Catarina
Porto, Portugal
Hanganu, Andreea
Hanganu, Andreea
Bucharest, Romania
Hernández Vitorique, Pablo
Hernández Vitorique, Pablo
Málaga, Spain
Kerstens, Jeroen
Kerstens, Jeroen
Edegem, Belgium
Kholodova, Marharyta
Kholodova, Marharyta
Kyiv, Ukraine
Laterza, Vincenzo
Laterza, Vincenzo
Altamura, Italy
Lefter, Antonia
Lefter, Antonia
Roubaix, France
Liampas, Andreas
Liampas, Andreas
Nicosia, Cyprus
Magro, Giuseppe
Magro, Giuseppe
Catanzaro, Italy
Maldonado Slootjes, Sofia
Maldonado Slootjes, Sofia
Brussels, Belgium
Malvaso, Antonio
Malvaso, Antonio
Pavia, Italy
Mariotto, Sara
Mariotto, Sara
Verona, Italy
Mavridis, Theodoros
Mavridis, Theodoros
Dublin, Ireland
Moura, João
Moura, João
Porto, Portugal
Muñiz Castrillo, Sergio
Muñiz Castrillo, Sergio
Palo Alto, United States
Norbutaite, Agne
Norbutaite, Agne
Vilnius, Lithuania
Pascazio, Alessia
Pascazio, Alessia
Pisa, Italy
Pilotto, Silvy
Pilotto, Silvy
Cagliari, Italy
Pinna, Francesca
Pinna, Francesca
Osilo, Italy
Pozzilli, Valeria
Pozzilli, Valeria
Rome, Italy
Schilke, Edoardo Dalmato
Schilke, Edoardo Dalmato
Milan, Italy
Soares Dos Reis, Ricardo
Soares Dos Reis, Ricardo
Porto, Portugal
Talavera De La Esperanza, Blanca
Talavera De La Esperanza, Blanca
Houston, United States
Tseriotis, Vasilis-Spyridon
Tseriotis, Vasilis-Spyridon
Thessaloniki, Greece
Vilaseca Jolonch, Andreu
Vilaseca Jolonch, Andreu
Tarragona, Spain
Vogrig, Alberto
Vogrig, Alberto
Udine, Italy
Zhubi, Esra
Zhubi, Esra
Prishtina, Kosovo, Albania

Student Member

Chatziandreou, Petros
Chatziandreou, Petros
Bochum, Germany
Coşkun, Ece
Coşkun, Ece
Izmir, Turkey
Felkle, Dominik
Felkle, Dominik
Wrocław, Poland
Gosch Berton, Giovanni
Gosch Berton, Giovanni
Passo Fundo, Brazil
Pepys, Jack
Pepys, Jack
Milan, Italy
Petrokovskaia, Anastasiia
Petrokovskaia, Anastasiia
khimki, Russian Federation
Sipahi, Irem
Sipahi, Irem
Ankara, Turkey

Partner Society Representatives

Yamamura, Takashi

Panel Member (membership pending)

Yamamura, Takashi
Kodaira, Japan
Rostásy, Kevin

EPNS representative

Rostásy, Kevin
Datteln, Germany

Patient Representative

Institutional panel members

Barac, Ioana
Barac, Ioana
Blaabjerg, Morten
Blaabjerg, Morten
Odense, Denmark
Brylev, Lev
Brylev, Lev
Moscow, Russian Federation
Castillo Triviño, Tamara
Castillo Triviño, Tamara
., Spain
Castillo-Triviño, Tamara
Castillo-Triviño, Tamara
San Sebastian, Spain
De Martino, Antonio
De Martino, Antonio
Catanzaro, Italy
Du Pasquier, Renaud
Du Pasquier, Renaud
Lausanne, Switzerland
Dumanscaia, Maria
Dumanscaia, Maria
Chisinau, Moldova
Dumitrescu, Laura
Dumitrescu, Laura
Bucharest, Romania
Elisak, Martin
Elisak, Martin
Praha 5 - Motol, Czech Republic
Fedulau, Aliaksandr
Fedulau, Aliaksandr
MINSK, Belarus
Giedraitiene, Natasa
Giedraitiene, Natasa
Vilnius, Lithuania
Gilhus, Nils Erik
Gilhus, Nils Erik
Bergen, Norway
Glāzere, Ieva
Glāzere, Ieva
Riga, Latvia
Grigoriadis, Nikolaos
Grigoriadis, Nikolaos
Thessaloniki, Greece
Hellmann, Mark
Hellmann, Mark
Petah Tikva, Israel
Hochmeister, Sonja
Hochmeister, Sonja
Graz, Austria
Ivanova, Sonia
Ivanova, Sonia
Sofia, Bulgaria
Ivanovic, Jovana
Ivanovic, Jovana
Belgrade, Serbia
Kenina, Viktorija
Kenina, Viktorija
Kleopa, Kleopas
Kleopa, Kleopas
Nicosia, Cyprus
Kornek, Barbara
Kornek, Barbara
Vienna, Austria
Kürtüncü, Murat
Kürtüncü, Murat
Istanbul - Capa, Turkey
Liblau, Roland
Liblau, Roland
Lorentzen, Åslaug Rudjord
Lorentzen, Åslaug Rudjord
Kristiansand S, Norway
Manole, Elena
Manole, Elena
Chisinau, Moldova
Marignier, Romain
Marignier, Romain
Lyon - Bron Cédex, France
Martins Da Silva, Ana
Martins Da Silva, Ana
Barcelona, Spain
Massacesi, Luca
Massacesi, Luca
Florence, Italy
Mycko, Marcin
Mycko, Marcin
Olsztyn, Poland
Nytrová, Petra
Nytrová, Petra
Prague, Czech Republic
Oertel, Frederike Cosima
Oertel, Frederike Cosima
Berlin, Germany
Prüß, Harald
Prüß, Harald
Berlin, Germany
Salmen, Anke
Salmen, Anke
Bern, Switzerland
Samões, Ana Raquel
Samões, Ana Raquel
Stathopoulos, Panos
Stathopoulos, Panos
Athens, Greece
Szilasiova, Jarmila
Szilasiova, Jarmila
Kosice, Slovakia
Taluntiene, Vera
Taluntiene, Vera
Vilnius, Lithuania
Tienari, Pentti
Tienari, Pentti
Helsinki, Finland
Vécsei, László
Vécsei, László
Szeged, Hungary
Vojinovic, Slobodan
Vojinovic, Slobodan
Nis, Serbia
Willekens, Barbara
Willekens, Barbara
Edegem, Belgium
Wnuk, Marcin Andrzej
Wnuk, Marcin Andrzej
Krakow, Poland
Yetkin, Mehmet Fatih
Yetkin, Mehmet Fatih
Kayseri, Turkey