On one hand, some neurological disorders, like Huntington’s disease are pure hereditary disorders, on the other hand, consideration on genetics and metabolic aspects are increasingly relevant for and need to be included in the study of diseases in all subspecialised fields of neurology.

The aims of the Subspecialty Scientific Panel on Neurogenetics are therefore to provide practical understanding of neurological diseases due to hereditary or metabolic disorders and also to increase knowledge of paradigms and methods used in the study of genetic and metabolic aspects of neurological disorders.


  • Development of guidelines on the use of genetic diagnostic tests in neurological disorders (present projects include Wilson’s disease, neurocutaneous disorders, genetic counselling).
  • Teaching courses on the evolving methodology and techniques used in the study of genetic and metabolic disorders.
  • Focused Workshops and Symposia on genetic and metabolic disorders.
  • Development of good genetic practice in the care of patients with neurological disorders harmonised among European countries.
  • Harmonisation of genetic testing, use of novel technologies, glossary of technical items relevant for neurological practice.
  • Common activities with other Subspecialty Scientific Panels.
  • Networking with scholarly associations and lay organisations involved in genetic and metabolic disorders.

Management Group

Boesch, Sylvia Maria


Boesch, Sylvia Maria (MD)
Innsbruck, Austria
Mancuso, Michelangelo


Mancuso, Michelangelo (MD)
Pisa, Italy
Breza, Marianthi

RRFS Representative

Breza, Marianthi (MD,MSc,PhD candidate)
Athens, Greece
Filla, Alessandro

Management Group Member

Filla, Alessandro (MD)
Naples, Italy
Houlden, Henry

Management Group Member

Houlden, Henry (MD, PhD)
London, United Kingdom
Molnar, Maria J.

Management Group Member

Molnar, Maria J. (Prof.)
Budapest, Hungary

Individual panel members

Angelini, Corrado
Angelini, Corrado (MD, Prof)
Padova, Italy
Burgunder, Jean Marc
Burgunder, Jean Marc (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Guemligen, Switzerland
Dichgans, Martin
Dichgans, Martin (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Munich, Germany
Federico, Antonio
Federico, Antonio (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Siena, Italy
Filla, Alessandro
Filla, Alessandro (MD)
Naples, Italy
Gussago Brescia, Italy
Finsterer, Josef
Finsterer, Josef
Vienna, Austria
Fontaine, Bertrand
Fontaine, Bertrand (MD, Prof)
Grau, Armin
Grau, Armin (MD, Prof)
Ludwigshafen, Germany
Gutowski, Nicholas J.
Gutowski, Nicholas J. (MD)
Exeter, United Kingdom
Klopstock, Thomas
Klopstock, Thomas (MD, Prof, FEAN)
München, Germany
Koutsis, Georgios
Koutsis, Georgios (MD)
Athens, Greece
La Morgia, Chiara
La Morgia, Chiara (MD, PhD)
Bologna, Italy
Mitrovic, Zoran
Mitrovic, Zoran (MD, PhD)
zagreb, Croatia
Montagnese, Federica
Montagnese, Federica (MD)
Munich, Germany
Pareyson, Davide
Pareyson, Davide (MD)
Milan, Italy
Planté-Bordeneuve, Violaine
Planté-Bordeneuve, Violaine (MD, PhD)
Créteil, France
Ringelstein, E. Bernd
Ringelstein, E. Bernd (MD, Prof)
Münster, Germany
Salsano, Ettore
Salsano, Ettore (MD)
Milano, Italy
Schoenen, Jean
Schoenen, Jean (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Liège, Belgium
Steck, Andreas J.
Steck, Andreas J. (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Epalinges, Switzerland
Szolnoki, Zoltan
Szolnoki, Zoltan (MD)
Békéescsaba, Hungary
Toscano, Antonio
Toscano, Antonio (MD, Prof)
Messina, Italy

RRFS Member

Manini, Arianna
Manini, Arianna
Milan, Italy
Neves Damas, Catarina
Neves Damas, Catarina
Portimao, Portugal
Ng, Yi Shiau
Ng, Yi Shiau (Dr)
Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
Senkevich, Konstantin
Senkevich, Konstantin (MD, PhD)
Montreal, Canada
Silva, Daniela
Silva, Daniela
Lisbon, Portugal

Partner Society Representatives

Tan, Eng-King

AOAN Representative

Tan, Eng-King (MD)
Bahi-Buisson, Nadia

EPNS representative

Bahi-Buisson, Nadia (Prof.)
Paris, France

Patient Representative

Arnesen, Astri

Patient representative

Arnesen, Astri
Kristiansand, Norway
De Schepper, Bea

Patient representative

De Schepper, Bea
Van Doorne, Cathalijne

Patient representative

Van Doorne, Cathalijne
Oud-Turnhout, Belgium

Institutional panel members

Akanova, Assiya
Akanova, Assiya (MD)
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Anheim, Mathieu
Anheim, Mathieu (MD, Prof)
Strasbourg, France
Bebek, Nerses
Bebek, Nerses (Prof, MD, PhD)
İstanbul, Turkey
Borovecki, Fran
Borovecki, Fran (MD, Prof)
Zagreb, Croatia
Crosiers, David
Crosiers, David (MD)
Edegem, Belgium
Damásio, Joana
Damásio, Joana (MD)
Porto, Portugal
Dosekova, Petra
Dosekova, Petra (Dr.)
Kosice, Slovakia
Eigentler, Andreas
Eigentler, Andreas
Gasser, Thomas
Gasser, Thomas (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Tübingen, Germany
Glazere, Ieva
Glazere, Ieva (MD)
Riga, Latvia
Groppa, Stanislav
Groppa, Stanislav (MD, Prof)
Chisinau, Moldova
Guk, Jevgenija
Guk, Jevgenija (MD)
Vilnius, Lithuania
Hadjigeorgiou, Georgios
Hadjigeorgiou, Georgios (Professor)
ATHENS, Greece
Hadzsiev, Kinga
Hadzsiev, Kinga
Illarioshkin, Sergei N.
Illarioshkin, Sergei N. (MD, Prof)
Moscow, Russian Federation
Ječmenica-Lukić, Milica
Ječmenica-Lukić, Milica
Belgrade, Serbia
Kaladyte Lokominiene, Ruta
Kaladyte Lokominiene, Ruta (MD, PhD)
Vilnius, Lithuania
Kleopa, Kleopas
Kleopa, Kleopas (MD, Prof)
Nicosia, Cyprus
Kostic, Vladimir S.
Kostic, Vladimir S. (MD, Prof)
Belgrade, Serbia
Lazdovska, Krista
Lazdovska, Krista (MD)
Riga, Latvia
Lossos, Alexander
Lossos, Alexander (MD)
Jerusalem, Israel
Mihaylova, Violeta M.
Mihaylova, Violeta M. (MD, PhD)
Necpal, Jan
Necpal, Jan (Dr.)
Zvolen, Slovakia
Peterlin, Borut
Peterlin, Borut (MD, Prof)
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Primiano, Guido
Primiano, Guido (MD, PhD)
ROMA, Italy
Ribigan, Athena Cristina
Ribigan, Athena Cristina (MD)
Bucharest, Romania
Sprincean, Mariana
Chisinau, Moldova
Tournev, Ivailo
Tournev, Ivailo (MD, Prof)
Vinther-Jensen, Tua
Vinther-Jensen, Tua (PhD, MD)
Copenhagen, Denmark
Zech, Michael
Zech, Michael