Activities and Description of the EAN Scientific Panel on Neuroepidemiology

At the end of 2008, the panel included 35 members from across Europe, high quality researchers covering focused interests in the epidemiology of a variety of neurological disorders, and clinical expertise. The Scientific Panel (SP) was integrated with new members in order to geographically cover all European Countries, and allow active neuroepidemiologists to participate to our activities. Members have been shared the EAN general policies. They are invited to participate to the meetings held within the EAN annual congress, and contacts are individually undertaken on a weekly basis on EAN activities to be planned and carried out.

Indeed, due to their expertise in methodology, our panel members are committed to transversally collaborate with other EFNS panels in ensuring adequate study designs and correct interpretation of results.

The panel further aims to promote and support the use of standardized strategies across the panels to produce EAN guidelines according to the EAN principles. One such strategy currently implies training panel members on the use of GradePro application to generate recommendations.

The SP ultimately fosters the spread of an epidemiological culture among neurologists, as well as the establishment of neuroepidemiological study groups in countries developing a strong interest for the discipline (e.g. Bulgaria, Moldova, resource-poor countries). In the past, members of the SP have individually collaborated with liason societies, such as the European Charcot Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis Research, European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP), and the European Brain Council (EBC).

Management Group

Beghi, Ettore


Beghi, Ettore (MD, FEAN)
Milano, Italy
Bereczki, Daniel


Bereczki, Daniel (MD, Prof)
Budapest, Hungary
Angelopoulou, Efthalia
Angelopoulou, Efthalia (MD, MSc)
Athens, Greece
Magyari, Melinda
Magyari, Melinda (MD PhD, FEAN)
Copenhagen, Denmark
Pugliatti, Maura
Pugliatti, Maura (MD, Prof)
Ferrara, Italy

Individual panel members

Baldin, Elisa
Baldin, Elisa
Bologna, Italy
Brainin, Michael
Brainin, Michael (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Wien, Austria
Giroud, Maurice
Giroud, Maurice (MD, Prof, FEAN)
DIJON, France
Harizi, Edlira
Harizi, Edlira (MD)
Durres, Albania
Inglese, Matilde
Inglese, Matilde (MD, PhD)
Leone, Maurizio A.
Leone, Maurizio A. (MD, FEAN)
San giovanni Rotondo, Italy
Ragonese, Paolo
Ragonese, Paolo (MD, PhD)
Palermo, Italy
Solari, Alessandra
Solari, Alessandra (MD)

RRFS Member

Aleksovska, Katina
Aleksovska, Katina (Resident in Neurology, EAN GPG Fellow)
Skopje, North Macedonia
Bianchi, Alessia
Bianchi, Alessia (MD)
Palermo, Italy
Catania, Italy
Gavriilaki, Maria
Gavriilaki, Maria (MD, MSc)
GREECE, Greece
Ivashynka, Andrei
Ivashynka, Andrei (MD, PhD)
Novara, Italy
Koduri, Venkata Krishna Chaitanya
Koduri, Venkata Krishna Chaitanya (MD, DM, MRCP(SCE Neurology))
Hyderabad, India
Mukushev, Askhat
Mukushev, Askhat
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Romoli, Michele
Romoli, Michele (MD)
Perugia, Italy
Sarsembayeva, Dina
Sarsembayeva, Dina
Groningen, The Netherlands
Secnik, Juraj
Secnik, Juraj (MD)
Huddinge, Sweden
Vemuri, Reshma
Vemuri, Reshma (Resident in Neurology)
Guntur, India

Partner Society Representatives

O'Callaghan, Finbar

EPNS representative

O'Callaghan, Finbar (MD, Prof)
London, United Kingdom

Institutional panel members

Batista, Miguel Viana
Batista, Miguel Viana (MD)
Béjot, Yannick
Béjot, Yannick (Professor)
Dijon, France
Bonkhoff, Anna
Bonkhoff, Anna
BOULANGER, Marion (Resident)
Dodel, Richard
Dodel, Richard (MD, Prof)
Essen, Germany
Gaist, David
Gaist, David (Professor)
Odense, Denmark
Grosu, Oxana
Grosu, Oxana (MD)
Chisinau, Moldova
jan, kobal
jan, kobal (MD, PhD, Neurologist)
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Kaprelyan, Ara
Kaprelyan, Ara (MD, Assoc Prof)
Varna, Bulgaria
Kõrv, Janika
Kõrv, Janika
Tartu, Estonia
Lisnic, Vitalie
Lisnic, Vitalie (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Chisinau, Moldova
Mensikova, Katerina
Mensikova, Katerina (MD, Assoc. Prof.,FEAN)
Olomouc, Czech Republic
Miglane, Evija
Miglane, Evija (MD, PhD)
Riga, Latvia
Óvári, Csaba
Óvári, Csaba (Dr.)
Ozturk, Serefnur
Ozturk, Serefnur (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Konya, Turkey
Papp, Viktoria
Papp, Viktoria (MD)
Aarhus, Denmark
Pekmezovic, Tatjana
Pekmezovic, Tatjana (Professor)
Belgrade, Serbia
Piperidou, Charitomeni
Piperidou, Charitomeni (MD, Prof)
Aleksandroupoli, Greece
Rastenyte, Daiva
Rastenyte, Daiva (MD, Prof)
Kaunas, Lithuania
Robertson, Neil
Robertson, Neil (MD, Prof)
Salhofer, Sabine
Salhofer, Sabine (MD)
Stan, Adina Dora
Stan, Adina Dora (MD, PhD)
Stanković, Iva
Stanković, Iva (Dr.)
Belgrade, Serbia
Tanne, David
Tanne, David (MD, Prof)
Haifa, Israel
Titlic, Marina
Titlic, Marina
Torino, Italy
Vetra, Janis
Vetra, Janis
Riga, Latvia
Wermer, Marieke J.H.
Wermer, Marieke J.H. (MD)
DE BILT, The Netherlands
Willeit, Peter
Willeit, Peter (MD MPhil PhD)
Innsbruck, Austria