Higher cortical functions

The EAN Scientific Panel on Higher Cortical Function has the mission to disseminate advances in cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology among the neurological community in Europe. The study of the neural foundations of cognition and behaviour was born within clinical neurology, and remains one of the cornerstones of the intellectual endowment of neurology.  The panel organizes symposia and teaching courses, and plans to develop evidence-based guidelines and to conduct European surveys:

This  Scientific Panel comprises members from all EAN member countries.

The following tasks have been completed:

Workshops and teaching activities

  • 2nd EAN congress in Copenhagen 2016: “New concepts about language processing in the brain”. The speakers were:  Cornelius Weiller, Freiburg, Germany, Convenor, The dual loop model and aphasia¸Thomas Bak, Edinburgh, UK, The impact of bilingualism on cognitive functions across the lifespan and in brain diseases;  Jean-François Démonet, Lausanne, Switzerland, The writing brain.
  • 3rd EAN congress in Amsterdam 2017: Focused workshop: Memory consolidation; Teaching course: Higher Cortical Function in neurology: an update.

Planned Projects

  • Proposal of a Task Force on a Cognitive Neurology curriculum for Europe
  • Proposal of survey about training in Cognitive Neurology in Europe
  • Proposal of Guidelines for Neurobehavioral assessment
  • 4th EAN congress in Lisbon, 2018: workshop "Lost in space - clinical and neurobiological aspects of topographagnosia"

Management Group

Brandt, Thomas


Brandt, Thomas (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Munich, Germany
Husain, Masud


Husain, Masud (MD, Prof)
Oxford, United Kingdom
Deecke, Lüder
Deecke, Lüder (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Vienna, Austria
Heide, Wolfgang
Heide, Wolfgang (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Celle, Germany
Rektorova, Irena
Rektorova, Irena (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Brno, Czech Republic
Tábuas Pereira, Miguel
Tábuas Pereira, Miguel (Dr)
Coimbra, Portugal

Individual panel members

Brochet, Bruno
Brochet, Bruno (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Calabrese, Pasquale
Calabrese, Pasquale (MD, Prof, PhD)
Basel, Switzerland
Deecke, Lüder
Deecke, Lüder (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Vienna, Austria
Demarin, Vida
Demarin, Vida (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Zagreb, Croatia
Dieterich, Marianne
Dieterich, Marianne (MD, Prof, FEAN, FANA)
Munich, Germany
Faiss, Jürgen Hartmut
Faiss, Jürgen Hartmut (MD, Prof)
Filipović, Saša
Filipović, Saša (Prof, MD, PhD)
Belgrade, Serbia
Fink, Gereon R.
Fink, Gereon R. (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Jülich, Germany
Frederiksen, Kristian Steen
Frederiksen, Kristian Steen (MD, PhD, FEBN)
Copenhagen, Denmark
Hinfray, Vincent
Hinfray, Vincent (MD)
Ajaccio, France
New York, United States
Keyser, Antonius
Keyser, Antonius (MD)
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Laczó, Jan
Laczó, Jan (MD, PhD)
Praha 5 - Motol, Czech Republic
Landis, Theodor
Landis, Theodor (MD, Prof)
Geneva, Switzerland
Massano, João
Massano, João (MD)
Porto, Portugal
Perju-Dumbrava, Lacramioara
Perju-Dumbrava, Lacramioara (MD, Prof)
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Scarpini, Elio
Scarpini, Elio (MD, Prof)
Milan, Italy
Uthman, Basim
Uthman, Basim (Prof)
Verdelho, Ana
Verdelho, Ana (MD, Prof)
Lisbon, Portugal
Weiller, Cornelius
Weiller, Cornelius (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Freiburg, Germany

RRFS Representative

Carneiro, Diogo
Carneiro, Diogo (MD)
Coimbra, Portugal
Carvalho, Vanessa
Carvalho, Vanessa (MD)
Porto, Portugal
Zeltzer, Ehud
Zeltzer, Ehud (Dr.)
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Institutional panel members

Akanova, Assiya
Akanova, Assiya (MD)
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Audronyte, Egle
Audronyte, Egle (MD)
Vilnius, Lithuania
Beisteiner, Roland
Beisteiner, Roland (MD)
Bergman, Noa
Bergman, Noa (MD)
Berlot, Rok
Berlot, Rok
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Bilgiç, Başar
Bilgiç, Başar (DR.)
İstanbul, Turkey
Bosnar-Puretic, Marijana
Bosnar-Puretic, Marijana (Assist. Prof.)
Cappa, Stefano F.
Cappa, Stefano F. (MD, Prof)
Pavia, Italy
Cebanova, Anna
Cebanova, Anna (MD)
Chisinau, Moldova
Dulamea, Adriana Octaviana
Dulamea, Adriana Octaviana (MD)
Bucharest, Romania
Eisenberg, Hanna
Eisenberg, Hanna
Goettingen, Germany
Forchhammer, Hysse
Forchhammer, Hysse (MD)
Godefroy, Olivier
Godefroy, Olivier (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Amiens, France
Kázmér, Kazmér
Kázmér, Kazmér (Prof.)
Martins, Isabel Pavão
Martins, Isabel Pavão (MD, Prof)
Lisbon, Portugal
Miglane, Evija
Miglane, Evija (MD, PhD)
Riga, Latvia
Moldovanu, Ion
Moldovanu, Ion (MD, Prof)
Chisinau, Moldova
Münte, Thomas Frank
Münte, Thomas Frank (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Lübeck, Germany
Murley, Alexander
Murley, Alexander (MD)
United Kingdom
Nyffeler, Thomas
Nyffeler, Thomas (MD, Prof)
Luzerne, Switzerland
Petrović, Igor
Petrović, Igor
Belgrade, Serbia
Roma, Italy
Schnider, Armin
Schnider, Armin (Prof)
Geneva, Switzerland
Shestopalova, Lyudmyla
Shestopalova, Lyudmyla (MD, Prof)
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Spasić Parlić, Mirjana
Spasić Parlić, Mirjana
Nis, Serbia
Stanković, Iva
Stanković, Iva (Dr.)
Belgrade, Serbia
Stokholm, Jette
Stokholm, Jette (MD)
Sutnikiene, Vaiva
Sutnikiene, Vaiva
Vilnius, Lithuania
Svaerke, Katrine
Svaerke, Katrine
Svilane, Krista
Svilane, Krista (MD)
Riga, Latvia
Trajkov, Luchesar
Trajkov, Luchesar (MD, Prof)
Sofia, Bulgaria