Child neurology

General information about sub-specialty

Paediatric Neurology (also known as Child Neurology in the neurological setting) is a discipline focused on diagnosis, comprehensive management and research into diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system from fetal life to transition into adulthood. Following the publication of the European training programme in the European Paediatric Neurology Syllabus in 2002, Paediatric Neurology was accepted on the European level as a subspecialty of Paediatrics as well as of Neurology, and it was recognised by the Board of the European Union of Medical Specialties in 2003. However, formal recognition of specialties and subspecialties is a national responsibility, and training duration is variable in different countries.

Child Neurology units are present in tertiary centers (Children’s Hospitals, University Hospitals, etc), where multi-disciplinary activities are available (neurosurgery, newborn intensive care, neuroimaging, neurogenetics, metabolic disease diagnosis and care, etc) and where patients affected with complex and/or rare neurological diseases of childhood are referred. Child Neurology units are mostly embedded in Paediatric Departments; less frequently they are present in Neurological Institutes. Through major academic centres, training programmes and post-graduate research activities are conducted.

The majority of Child Neurologists practise in peripheral centers, mostly related to neurorehabilitation programs, or are involved in activities linked to the long-term care children affected with chronic diseases affecting the nervous system.

Diagnosis and management of epilepsy (and related conditions) are the most frequent activities related to Child Neurology. There are increasing demands on child neurology services for neuroimmune disorders (affecting both PNS and CNS), neurodevelopmental disorders, movement disorders and childhood neurodegeneration.

About the EAN Scientific Panel Child Neurology

The Child Neurology SP may contribute to the educational role of EAN to pave a path to expand clinical neurology practice into selected issues.

A major aim is to integrate the Child Neurology SP within the EAN SPs activities. There are some challenges, mainly due to the small number of neurologists who are working as child neurologists, and an initial goal is to render panel activities more prominent within the EAN. Senior members from other EAN SPs (such as epilepsy, movement disorder, headache, etc) were invited to join the panel in order to improve outputs.

One major goal of future activities is to sustain the issue of Transition in Neurology. We intend to involve the Panel's colleagues to review the state-of-art of Transition in Neurology in their own countries, with the aim of harmonising objectives and methodologies (when possible), in order to improve the quality of life of the patients (and their families) at this critical period of their lives. A document on common strategies to set up transition in neurology will be produced and referred to the EAN Board.

The Panel has contributed to the Scientific Programme at EAN congresses and other EAN educational activities. It has recently organised two Focus Workshops jointly with the European Paediatric Neurology Society (at the EAN Congresses in Paris 2020 and Wien 2021). Group members, including the RRFS members, are strongly encouraged to engage in the activities promoted by the panel and to contribute to the EAN website via the Neurology Update section, as well as publishing relevant papers in peer-reviewed journals dealing with Child Neurology issues.

Management Group

Buerki, Sarah


Buerki, Sarah (MD)
Zurich, Switzerland
Simonati, Alessandro


Simonati, Alessandro (MD, Prof)
Verona, Italy
Afonso Ribeiro, Joana

RRFS Representative

Afonso Ribeiro, Joana
Coimbra, Portugal
Erdoğan, Füsun Ferda

Management Group Member

Erdoğan, Füsun Ferda (MD, Prof)
Melikgazi, Turkey
Voloshyn, Taras

Management Group Member

Voloshyn, Taras (MD PhD)

Individual panel members

Brandt, Thomas
Brandt, Thomas (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Munich, Germany
Comi, Giancarlo
Comi, Giancarlo (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Milan, Italy
Deecke, Lüder
Deecke, Lüder (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Vienna, Austria
Donadio, Vincenzo
Donadio, Vincenzo (Dr)
Bologna, Italy
ELSherif, Mohammed
ELSherif, Mohammed (MD,PhD, Dr)
Mansoura, Egypt
Gschwandtner, Ute
Gschwandtner, Ute (MD, Prof)
Basel, Switzerland
Habek, Mario
Habek, Mario (Prof.)
Zagreb, Croatia
Kofler, Markus
Kofler, Markus (Prof. PD Dr.)
Zirl, Austria
Leocani, Letizia
Leocani, Letizia (MD, Prof)
Milan, Italy
Neuwirth, Christoph
Neuwirth, Christoph (MD, Assistant Professor, FEAN)
St. Gallen, Switzerland
Noachtar, Soheyl
Noachtar, Soheyl (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Remiche, Gauthier
Remiche, Gauthier
Brussels, Belgium
Sara, Vila-Bedmar (Pediatric Neurologist)
Madrid, Spain
Schnitzler, Alfons
Schnitzler, Alfons (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Düsseldorf, Germany
Uthman, Basim
Uthman, Basim (Prof)
Miami, United States
Valls-Sole, Josep
Valls-Sole, Josep (MD, Prof, FEAN)
Barcelona, Spain
Yener, Görsev
Yener, Görsev (M.D., Ph.D.)
Izmir, Turkey
Zis, Panagiotis
Zis, Panagiotis (MD, PhD)
Aglantzia, Nicosia, Cyprus

RRFS Member

Apostolakopoulou, Loukia
Athens, Greece
Marques-Matos, Cláudia
Marques-Matos, Cláudia (Dr.)
Lisboa, Portugal

Partner Society Representatives

Steinlin, Maja

Panel Member (Institution)

Steinlin, Maja (MD, Prof)
Bern, Switzerland

Institutional panel members

Ardissone, Anna
Ardissone, Anna (MD)
Aulicka, Stefania
Aulicka, Stefania (Dr.)
Brno, Czech Republic
Bojinova, Veneta
Bojinova, Veneta (MD, Prof)
Sofia, Bulgaria
Burloiu, Carmen Magdalena
Burloiu, Carmen Magdalena
Bucharest, Romania
Calcii, Cornelia
Calcii, Cornelia (MD)
Chisinau, Moldova
Chabrol, Brigitte
Chabrol, Brigitte (MD)
Marseille, France
Endziniene, Milda
Endziniene, Milda (MD)
Kaunas, Lithuania
Erdoğan, Füsun Ferda
Erdoğan, Füsun Ferda (MD, Prof)
Melikgazi, Turkey
Thessaloniki, Greece
Farkas, Viktor
Farkas, Viktor (Dr)
Feucht, Martha
Feucht, Martha (MD, Prof)
Vienna, Austria
Guzeva, Valentina
Guzeva, Valentina (MD, Prof)
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Haataja, Leena
Haataja, Leena (MD, Prof)
Helsinki, Finland
Hadjiu, Svetlana
Hadjiu, Svetlana (MD, PhD)
Chisinau, Moldova
Hollódy, Katalin
Hollódy, Katalin (Associate Prof)
Pécs, Hungary
Ivančević, Nikola
Ivančević, Nikola (MD)
Belgrade, Serbia
Jancic, Dr Jasna
Jancic, Dr Jasna (MD PhD)
Belgrade, Serbia
Jovic, Nebojsa
Jovic, Nebojsa (Prof.)
Belgrade, Serbia
Kalibatienė, Dovilė
Kalibatienė, Dovilė
Vilnius, Lithuania
Kolk, Anneli
Kolk, Anneli (MD)
Tartu, Estonia
Kolnikova, Miriam
Kolnikova, Miriam
Bratislava, Afghanistan
Liepina, Lelde
Liepina, Lelde (MD)
Rīga, Latvia
Nicolaides, Paola
Nicolaides, Paola (MD)
Nicosia, Cyprus
Preisel, Martin
Preisel, Martin
Sara, Vila-Bedmar (Pediatric Neurologist)
Madrid, Spain
Steinlin, Maja
Steinlin, Maja (MD, Prof)
Bern, Switzerland
Stettner, Mark
Stettner, Mark (MDDr. rer. nat.)
Essen, Germany
Strautmanis, Jurgis
Strautmanis, Jurgis
Riga, Latvia
Sukhudyan, Biayna
Sukhudyan, Biayna (MD)
Yerevan, Armenia
Zettl, Uwe K.
Zettl, Uwe K.
Rostock, Germany