EAN Board Election

EAN Board Elections


The EAN Board is the driving force behind the European Academy of Neurology. Its members commit their time to the development and daily management of the society, organising and hosting meetings, determining the nature of the EAN’s influence and involvement in research, and planning and running educational projects. Working closely together as an enthusiastic and supportive team, they are dedicated to maintaining the EAN’s status as the Home of Neurology for all neurologists, achieving the EAN's goal of making high standards of care available to all neurology patients, and fulfilling the EAN’s mission to reduce the burden of neurological diseases.  


"The call for nominations is open, so please give serious consideration to applying. The EAN is a fantastic organisation and this could be your opportunity to make an important contribution to the society and to neurology."
Prof. Tony MarsonEAN Secretary General

A seat on the EAN board offers the unique prospect of being part of an innovative, creative, and passionate group of leaders at the peak of European neurology, influencing the direction of the discipline, providing guidance to the younger generations, and building relationships between the EAN and its many friends and partners. It is a chance to work on an international level, advocating for neurology within and beyond Europe, fulfilling the EAN’s mission and vision, and acting as a role model for up-and-coming members of the community, as well as an unparalleled opportunity for professional growth.   

The many experiences for travel and engagement that are essential to the various roles mean that board membership can also be immensely rewarding on a personal level, with travel to the annual EAN Congress and in-person board meetings in Vienna covered by the EAN. 

The election procedure will be performed in accordance with the EAN Bylaws.  

For an office period of two years, the following positions need to be filled:  

  1. President Elect  
  2. Secretary General  
  3. Treasurer  
  4. Chair Scientific Committee  
  5. Chair Communication Committee  

The (6) Programme Committee Chairperson and (7) Education Committee Chairperson will be appointed by majority vote of the newly elected Board members. 

For more information on the respective positions, please consult the EAN Bylaws

Candidates that apply for a Board position must be officially nominated by three persons from one of the following groups: EAN Institutional and/or Individual delegates and/or current Board members. The deadline for application submission is March 11, 2024, 23:55h (CET).  
Call for nominations will be sent out via email to all EAN Delegates and Board members. 

Application documents must include: 

  • Application form filled in by the candidate confirming his/her availability to serve on the Board, including a short CV with information on past contributions to EAN,  
  • Register of interest form, and – if applying for the President - Elect position – a supporting statement – clarifying candidate’s qualifications and vision for the position in EAN Board,
  • 3 nomination forms from Delegates and/or current Board members. 

Other important information 

  • Candidates cannot be nominated for more than 2 different positions. 
  • Candidates applying for President-Elect cannot apply for any other position. 
  • Delegates/current Board members can nominate only one person per position. 
  • Existing Board members, who are eligible to and want to apply for another term, must send an application form, and a conflict-of-interest form, but no nomination forms. 

General criteria for the Board officer  

Candidate must: 

  • be an EAN member of national and international reputation, whose contributions to neurology, and, equally important, his or her commitment to the growth and development of the EAN, has been or has the potential to be substantial,
  • Full individual member of EAN (according to the article 8 of EAN Bylaws) and eligible for Fellow of EAN membership, 
  • be able to devote the necessary amount of time to fulfil their tasks within the EAN, 
  • be able to travel to/attend all relevant meetings of the Board or any such other meetings, when necessary, in particular: minimum of two in-person meetings/year, monthly video calls, 
  • attend the Annual EAN Congress,
  • declare as conflicts of interest all commercial consultancies and board memberships and any other potential conflicts as laid out in the CODE OF CONDUCT of the EAN,
  • take the responsibility for the future of EAN. 

Candidates for the Committee Chair must take into consideration that additional time for the work within Committees will be required!  

Members of the Board do their job on the voluntary basis. They get reimbursed for the travels and accommodation, according to EAN Financial policy. They work based on the EAN Code of Conduct, and the EAN Bylaws

Additional criteria and requirements for the specific positions in the Board and description of the main tasks:

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The Election Task Force will be set-up, including 3 persons, one appointed by the President (who chairs the Election Committee), one appointed by the President Elect, and one appointed by the Secretary General. Members must be Full members of EAN, from 3 different countries, excluding the Board members.  

The election of the EAN Board will take place during the Assembly of Delegates (AoD) at the 2024 annual EAN Congress in Helsinki, June 29 – July 2, 2024. 

This important part of the election process, voting itself, takes place after the candidates have been official presented to the Assembly of Delegates by the Election Task Force.  
To perform a valid voting procedure, the quorum of 50% of all delegates must be Present. 

Voting procedure itself will be adjusted according to the circumstances, i.e in person/virtual/hybrid, depending on the pandemic situation, with the highest standards of transparency. 

The announcement of results will be done at the same Assembly of Delegates meeting, straight after the votes are counted. For being elected, the candidate must receive the relative majority, which is more than 50% of the valid votes. The clarification of the ‘valid vote’, as well as the possible outcomes of the voting and designed solutions will be explained to the quorum before the voting itself. 

The EAN community will be informed of the results in the following days. 

The new Board 2024-2026 hand-over meeting is preliminarily planned for one of the following dates: 11-13 October 2024 or 18-20 October 2024, in Vienna. 

Criteria and requirements

for the specific positions in the EAN Board and description of the main tasks:

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The deadline for nominations is:

March 11, 2024, 23:55h (CET).

If you have any questions

regarding the procedure, please contact EAN Membership Department  membership(at)ean.org