Strategic Plan

PRIORITIES 2020-2024

EAN Priorities 2020-2024



Knowledge generation and exchange

Collaboration with basic neuroscientists and among  clinical neur-odisciplines (neuroradiology, neurosurgery, psychiatry,..)

Identification of overarching topics of general scientific interest





Promote clinical neuroscientist curricula

Empower scientific panels

Offer scientific fellowships

Further development of evidence-based guidelines

Create science schools and thinktanks

European Journal of Neurology

Improve the quality of the annual congress



Guarantee optimal skills and competencies at all levels

Achieve a balance between general neurology and subspecialties

Foster interdisciplinarity among neuro-disciplines









Create a pre-graduate curriculum for medical students

Update the European core curriculum for neurologists*

Facilitate continuous professional development

Create a comprehensive E-learning platform

Certify European training centres

Foster teaching careers in neurology

Discuss a common trunk training  in neuro-disciplines

* together with other organisations such as the  Section of Neurology/European Board of Neurology of the  Union of European Medical Specialists (UEMS-SN/EBN)



Attract new members

Engage with all of our members

Interact with National Neurological Societies

Raise awareness of membership benefits

Create an inter professional community that is working towards the vision and mission of EAN







Reinforce interaction with National Neurological Societies

Empower the Resident and Research Fellowship Section

Create a task force for International affairs

Establish a leadership programme

Create a mentorship programme

Establish equal opportunities /diversity programme

Promote inter-professional collaboration



Raise awareness of neurological diseases (including gender differences)

Increase knowledge about health and care disparities

Improve standards of care

Improve patient outcomes

Advocate for neurological patients and for neurologists







Provide analysis reports on the burden of neurological diseases and the value of treatments in Europe

Survey the availability of neurological care and workforce

Build a strong alliance with partner societies, patients, and other stakeholders in neurological care

Improve the work and quality of life of the neurology work forces

Lobbying for research resources at EU level