Healthy Event

Healthy Event

EAN Congress 2022, Vienna

As a medical organisation, health is very important to the European Academy of Neurology. Not only the health of patients, but that of our participants’ brains and bodies and of our general environment.

Therefore, we encourage you wherever possible to do the following: 

Get Moving!

The venue can be easily reached by public transport  which is good for the environment, and the short walking distance from the metro station is a great chance to get your blood pumping and boost your energy. 

If the weather is fine, why not walk a little further before jumping on the tram, bus or underground? 

Look for the nearest park (Vienna is full of green spaces) and boost your wellbeing with a few minutes in touch with nature.

Use the breaks between sessions to stretch your legs. Take a stroll through the congress centre, around the exhibition area, or outside if the sun is shining!

Eat Healthy!

We strive to provide healthy food at our congress. During the lunch breaks, we offer vegetarian options and salads, and you can find fruit baskets at the EAN Booth in the entrance hall.

Stay Hydrated!

Remember to drink plenty of water. You can find water dispensers throughout the congress centre. Our water (in fact, most of Vienna’s tap water) is piped direct from the Alps and is exceptionally high-quality.

Keep in Touch!

Social interaction is important for mental health – take the time to catch up with your friends and colleagues and make new connections!