Quality and Evaluation

Quality and diversity in EAN

The main mission of EAN is to ensure excellence in Neurology. In order to guarantee the quality of the upcoming congresses, we are carrying out a general congress evaluation and evaluation of all individual sessions. 
The general evaluation of the congress will be sent to all participants after the congress. Evaluation of the attended sessions will be possible during the session and until the end of the congress.

EAN cares about diversity and asks speakers from different countries to speak at the sessions. Since 50% of EAN’s congress participants are female, it is important for us that there is also a gender balance of speakers. When proposing sessions and speakers for the congress, our panels are asked to include not only famous speakers, but also young rising stars. All feedback given during EAN meetings will be evaluated by our Ethics and Quality Task Force and considered for the next congresses. 

Please help EAN to raise the quality of EAN events and evaluate the sessions. If you do have suggestions on how EAN can improve, please come to the EAN virtual booth.

If you want to learn more about EAN’s approach to the evaluations and quality assessment, please check this article on EANpages

Speaker Evaluation

Session evaluation provides feedback not only concerning the quality of the session itself, but it is also an assessment of speakers’ performance. It shows if the performance and the presented content were up to the participants’ expectations. Evaluation results, analysed by the Ethics and Quality Task Force, are forwarded in form of an individualised report to the speakers, which allows them to learn about the received feedback and consider it for future lectures. Moreover, speaker’s performance evaluation impacts planning and composition of faculty of future EAN congresses and other educational events.