20 June 2021 - 12:00-18:45

Saturday, 19 June 2021

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Sunday, 20 June 2021

Monday, 21 June 2021

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

15:00 - 16:30

1: Why is it attractive to work in the neuromuscular field?
Marianne de Visser, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2: Expectations of a neuromuscular specialist in academic and non-academic hospital
Nicolas Dubuisson, Brussels, Belgium

3: How to build and boost your CV?
Stephen Keddie, London, United Kingdom

1: The Role of The bacteriology Laboratory in the Diagnosis of CNS Infection
Diederick van de Beek, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2: Molecular methods and available choices in the diagnosis of nervous system infections
Tamar Akhvlediani, Tbilisi, Georgia

3: Choice of serology methods and their timing in neuroinfections
Randi Eikeland, Kristiansand, Norway

1: What to do in the early phase

2: Coagulation disorders and management principles in ICH patients

3: Neurocritical care management and novel insights based on advanced neuromonitoring


15:00 - 18:15

1: Movement Disorders and Viral Infections: General Principles and COVID-19
Valentina Leta, London, United Kingdom

2: Movement Disorders in Stroke
Cristian Falup Pecurariu, Brasov, Romania

3: Movement Disorders in Oncological diseases
Carlo Colosimo, Terni, Italy

4: Movement disorders and autoimmune diseases
Bettina Balint, Heidelberg, Germany

1: Memory
Elka Stefanova, Belgrade, Serbia

2: Executive Domain
Olivier Godefroy, Amiens, France

3: Language
Stefano Cappa, Pavia, Italy

4: Visuospatial domain

1: Prioritising the Pharmaceutical Treatment of migraine
Pablo Irimia Sieria, Pamplona, Spain

2: No Pharmaceutical treatment of migraine
Delphine Magis, Liege, Belgium

3: Medication overuse headache management
Zaza Katsarava, Unna, Germany

4: Management of comorbidities in migraine
Dimos Mitsikostas, Athens, Greece

1: Pathogenesis of PNS
Roland Liblau, Toulouse, France

2: Epidemiology and Diagnostic criteria
Alberto Vogrig, Lyon, France

3: Differential diagnosis
Anette Storstein, Bergen, Norway

4: Treatment and prognosis
Harald Prüß, Berlin, Germany

1: Multiple mechanisms underlying nerve involvement in viral infection and vaccination
James Sejvar, Atlanta, United States of America

2: Peripheral neuropathy and Zika Virus
Sonja Leonhard, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

3: Peripheral neuropathy and COVID-19
Antonino Uncini, Chieti, Italy

4: Neuropathy and hepatitis
Stojan Peric, Belgrade, Serbia

16:45 - 18:15

CONT1 EAN/EFIC Controversies in pain research. Is it possible to diagnose neuropathic pain with neurophysiological testing? & Does migraine with Brainstem Aura exist?

1: Is it possible to diagnose NP with neurophysiological testing? (Pro)
Luis Garcia Larrea, Lyon, France 

2: Is it possible to diagnose NP with neurophysiological testing? (Contra)
Jean Pascal Lefaucheur, Paris, France

3: Migraine with brain stem aura does exist
Jes Olesen, Copenhagen, Denmark

4: Migraine with brain stem aura does not exist
Anne Ducros, Montpellier, France

1: Update EURAP and other Pregnancy Registries in Epilepsy
Bettina Schmitz, Berlin, Germany

2: Treatment strategies in women with idiopathic generalized epilepsies
Maria Paola Canevini, Milan, Italy

3: The VPA-pregnancy prevention programme and recommendations for switching and / or discontinuation of valproate
Manuel Toledo, Barcelona, Spain

1: A Ph.D. degree can be done before entering Neurology Training
Anna Sauerbier, Cologne, Germany

2: A Ph.D. degree can be started during the Neurology Training
Diana Aguiar, Lisbon, Portugal

3: A Ph.D. degree can be started after the conclusion of the Neurology training
David García Azorín, Valladolid, Spain

4: You can have a research career without doing a Ph.D.
Lisa Klingelhöfer, Dresden, Germany


16:45 - 18:45

1: How to take patient history
Caroline Froment, Lyon, France
Michael Strupp, Munich, Germany

2: How to examine the vestibular and ocular motor system
Adolfo Bronstein, London, United Kingdom
Marianne Dieterich, Munich, Germany

3: How to examine binocular control and pupillary function
Gordon Plant, London, United Kingdom
Alessandra Rufa, Siena, Italy

4: How to diagnose and treat benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
Dominik Straumann, Zurich, Switzerland
Nese Celebisoy, Izmir, Turkey


CBW = Case-based Workshop

CDS = Career Development Session

CONT = Controversy Session

FW = Focused Workshop

IAS = Interactive Session

PL = Practical Lesson
(Formerly HoC)

SPS = Special Session

SYMP = Plenary Symposia & Symposia

TC = Teaching Course

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The Hands-on Courses (HOCs) have now been adapted to fit the virtual congress setting! The Programme Committee has adapted these to Practical Lessons (PLs) for the
EAN Congress 2021.