Tournament for neurologists in training

Tournament for Neurologists in Training

A tournament for neurologists in training will take place at the congress. The tournament will be carried out in two groups, one on clinical related research, and one on basic neurological science. 

  • Participation
    Eligible are EAN Resident and Research Members from EAN member countries. For further information, please check our EAN RRFS membership package here. The participant has to be first author of the abstract submitted. During abstract submission, candidates must state that they wish to participate in the tournament and select the group (clinical/basic).
    Applications will be accepted until the abstract submission deadline, i.e. 23 January 2019.
  • Selection of candidates
    The EAN Programme Committee selects 6 candidates for each tournament group based on the contents of the abstracts submitted. The clinical subjects must be received from authors who work in Europe and thus carry out their projects in Europe. For the basic science session, clinical relevance will be weighted.
  • Financial support
    Candidates selected for the tournament have received a bursary consisting of free registration to the Congress, up to four nights hotel accommodation, and a travel grant. 
  • Presentation
    Each selected candidate is allotted 10 minutes for presentation of his/her paper plus five minutes for discussion with the jury. 
  • Jury
    Members of the Programme, the Scientific and the Teaching Course Committees. 
  • Evaluation
    Candidates will be judged not only on the scientific value of the work presented, but also on the quality of the oral presentation and the way the candidate responds to the questions of the jury.
  • Prize
    The winner of each group will receive a prize consisting of: Free registration at the 6th EAN Congress in Paris 2020, up to four nights hotel accommodation as well as a travel grant and a certificate. The prize is not transferable and will not be paid off in cash.
    Two runner-up prizes in each, the clinical and basic tournament will be awarded. They will consist of a certificate and a free registration to the 6th EAN Congress in Paris 2020.

How to apply

Please indicate your tournament application during abstract submission. Applicants must beEAN Resident and Research Members!

Application deadline: 23 January 2019

Who can join as a Resident & Research Member?

  • Residents/neurologists in training
  • Research Fellows
  • PhD students in Neurology
  • The abovementioned three groups up to a maximum of 3 years beyond their latest degree (MD, PhD)

Because it is our goal to promote neurology across the world in the RRFS, we invite you to join us as a Resident & Research Member no matter which country you come from.

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