Important registration information

By the presenting author registration deadline, presenting authors of this presentation type must register for on-site participation.

All ePresentations will be held live and on-site.

Presenting at the Congress

ePresentation duration: 5 Minutes (3 minutes for presentation immediately followed by 2 minutes for live Q&A)

There are strictly scheduled slots for all ePresentations at the congress, which are held from Saturday to Monday (1-3 July). The Q&A portion of your presentation will be hosted by the session chairperson/s, taking questions from the live audience. Session chairpersons are at liberty to cut off any presentation that exceeds the given time frame to maintain the congress schedule. Presenters are kindly asked to be present for the entire session for which the abstract was accepted to ensure interaction with the audience.

For the face-to-face congress, the dress code is business casual.

Presentation format

Filetype: Microsoft-PowerPoint (*.ppt or *pptx) presentations in 16:9 format will be accepted.

Please be aware that the ePresentation narration is needed to complete your presentation On-Demand. On-site ePresentation presentations will take place in the ePoster Area, where the narration will not be played, if the presenter will hold the presentation live.

Structure: Title page, conflicts of interest, Introduction, Methods, Results, and Conclusion for a total of 6-8 slides. Keep the principle of one slide per minute and keep the content of each slide simple. The conflicts of interest slide must include the name of the supporting company or institution. All presentations must be unbranded. Specifically, presentations may not contain logos of pharmaceutical companies or industry leaders. 

If needed, add QR codes for links or embed videos to your presentation. Carefully follow the instructions sent to you by EAN Head Office and technical providers.

Presentations sent via email cannot and will not be processed. There is no oral presentation template for the EAN Congress 2023.

Presentation upload

All presenters (Invited Presentations, Oral Presentations, ePresentations, ePoster, and ePoster Virtual presentations) will receive a separate message on scheduling after the abstract has been accepted. Subsequently, all presenters will receive an informational email with details how to present at the Congress 2023, including an upload link and technical details. 

  • All ePresentations must be uploaded to our system via the Virtual Speakers’ Centre. Presentations sent via email cannot and will not be processed.
  • The material needs to be uploaded via a personalized link that will be sent to all presenters by the given deadline in the informational email. See ‘Important Dates’ (hlink).
  • Upload your presentation as soon as possible after acceptance to ensure that the presentation can be played in the session hall. Presentation slides must be uploaded 3 hours before the presentation slot, at the very latest. 
  • If needed, technical support will be made available to all presenters. Indicate abstract ID, title, as well as the full name of the presenter in all communication with the EAN Headoffice or technical partners.

Session structure for all presentations

  • All ePresentations must be uploaded to our system via the Virtual Speakers’ Centre.
  • ePresentations must be 3 minutes in length (as indicated in your information mailing) to ensure smooth development of programme and interaction with the audience at the congress. If your presentation exceeds the 3-minute limit, you will forfeit the time for Q&A. Presentations that are too short will disrupt the laminar flow of the programme.
  •  At the beginning of the scheduled timeslot of the session, the session chairperson may open the session and introduce the speakers.
  • After each 3-minute presentation, 2 minutes are reserved for discussion with the chairperson and audience to complete the 5-minute presentation slot.
  • Lecturers and chairpersons therefore need to be present for the full session.
  • All participants can contribute to the session and ask questions via the live chat function. There will be a timer available for the speaker’s convenience. The chairperson will take the last minutes to address any last-minute questions and formally close the session.