General Information


Presenting your work at Europe’s biggest forum for neurology has always been a thrill and we invite everyone to submit an abstract to get the chance to present it in various ePoster/ePresentation or in an Oral Session. 
Please visit the public-submission-instructions to find further information about submitting an abstract.

App | Virtual Congress Platform

IMPORTANT: All congress participants who are attending the onsite congress are asked to bring their smartphone and/or tablet with them to participate in all features such as interactive voting, Q&A and evaluations. 

On demand content: The entire congress including all sessions, ePoster, ePresentations, industry sessions and the virtual exhibition is available for all congress participants (virtual and onsite) from 30 June 2023 (not all content) throughout the congress until 18 July 2023 via the Virtual Congress Platform or the Virtual Congress App (supported by AbbVie) – after this period the platform and content (excluding the virtual exhibition) is available for EAN individual members.

Charging stations will be placed throughout the Congress although we recommend ensuring that your mobile phones are fully charged when visiting the Congress.


Onsite access to all scientific and networking events will only be possible with your personal badge. All participants are requested to wear their name badge throughout the congress.
If you forget your badge, we can reprint it for a deposit in the amount of the Congress Registration as booked. Refund will be made when both badges will be shown and one returned at the registration desk.
Virtual access to the Conress Platform is possible by login with your MyEAN credentials at No badge is required for virtual participation.

Scanning of badges: Participants are not obliged to allow exhibitors to scan their badge in the exhibition area or when entering an industry symposium. Participants must show their badge for proof of access rights, but do not need to let someone scan it. With allowing a company to scan, you acknowledge that your registration details will be forwarded to the exhibitor.

Caring for the environment

Green print - The print materials of this congress have been printed on paper that is PEFC approved. PEFC is an organisation that certifies paper manufacturers who keep to sustainable forest management criteria.

Reducing print - The printed programme has been replaced with the Pocket Programme available for all onsite congress participants.

Furthermore, we are working on sustainable onsite constructions made of cardboard, reducing the amount of printed material (e.g. bag inserts) and incenting invited speakers of EAN to travel by train to the event. The complete programme can be found online in the Virtual Congress Platform where you can create your individual schedule. We are also trying to use only recyclable tableware. We kindly invite participants to bring their own refillable water bottles or on the go coffee cups with them to save resources.

Offset your carbon footprint - you can contribute to our ecological efforts by offsetting the carbon footprint of your travels to Vienna. A carbon offset represents a reduction in emissions somewhere else. You can learn more and offset your carbon footprint at:

FInd more information here. We are doing our best and there is still much to learn. We will be happy to hear your ideas; please do not hesitate to write to us at headoffice(at)

Children at EAN Congress 2023 / EAN Juniorsuite

Aiming to support families and parents attending the EAN Congress 2023, EAN will provide a childcare service to all registered participants. More information will be provided in due time.

To register your child(ren), please book this service while registering for the congress or using the ugrade feature in your MyEAN account. Please follow the description provided during the registration process and submit the forms as provided.

Nursing Area in Junior Suite

There is a dedicated area in the Junior Suite for nursing in privacy for parents with infants. This area will be equipped with a chair and sectioned off for privacy, for those who seek this. We welcome any new parent to use this area, away from the business of the general congress area. 


Certificates: Information about evaluation and certificates can be found here.


The average temperature in Budapest in July is 17° - 28° Celsius.


A cloakroom is in the registration area and is open during the registration secretariat opening hours. The cloakroom service is free of charge.


Informal for all occasions. It is recommended to wear clothing adapted to the heat.

Congress Bags

As each year, EAN will provide congress bags for you.For sustainable reasons we kindly ask our individual participants as well as group leaders to decide if they want to have Congress Bags during the Registration Process.

Congress bags will be made out of sustainable resources. Take a memory with you and pick up your bag in the main entrance hall of the congress!

Congress Venue

Albertirsai út 10
1101 Budapest

The 9th Congress of the European Academy of Neurology takes place at the Hungexpo – which is located in the city of Budapest, only a few minutes away from the city centre by public transport. 
At worst, the journey takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour, and at best you can be at your hotel within 30 minutes.
There is a range of Budapest airport to city centre transport options to suit all budgets, from the super cheap and efficient 100E bus, through to the more luxurious private transfer options.
The 100E services Budapest airport terminal 2 with three separate city centre stops:
•    Kalvin Square, 
•    Astoria, and 
•    Deak and return.
All stops are located in the city, close to many hotels in the inner-city.
The bus E100 runs daily, every 20 minutes from 5 am - 1:20 am, and takes around 45 mins to get from the airport to the city centre. (as of 14.9.2022)

Please also see the public transport section below.

Currency and Banks

The official currency Hungary is the Hungarian Forint. Shortened as Ft. or HUF.
At the 9th EAN Congress in Budapest Euro (€) is accepted and EAN is not accepting cash payments onsite (only credit card and Paypal payments are accepted onsite)
In especially big stores, restaurants and certain taxi provider card payment is possible.
There are many ATMs in Budapest, so you do not need to worry about that. Kindly consider that withdrawals from an ATM in Budapest may result in additional fees.

EAN Booth - Your Home of neurology

"900,000,000 brains - 45,000 members - 47 countries - one community!"

Location: Main Entrance Hall

  • Saturday, 1 July 2023: 08:00-18:30
  • Sunday, 2 July 2023: 08:30-18:00
  • Monday, 3 July 2023: 08:00-18:00
  • Tuesday, 4 July 2023: 08:00-15:30

Visit the EAN Booth and its 4 different areas (HOME, MEET, LEARN and RESEARCH) and find out more about the European Academy of Neurology, your home of neurology, and its aims and missions:

Relax on our sofas and feel at HOME. Learn everything about EAN and the benefits of being a valuable part of Europe's largest community of neurologists. Get all information on our different membership programmes, meet the people behind EAN, the EAN Board as well as the EAN Head Office. Get information on MyEAN and our activities on social networks. EAN Congress postcards can be mailed - just drop them in the mailbox, EAN will provide the stamp and mail it for you! Join us and become a member of our community!

Please visit the RRFS desk to get first-hand information for neurologists in training.


When visiting the LEARN area, you can find all educational aspects that underpin the EAN vision and aim to define the standard skills of a European neurologist and to provide as much education to European neurologists as needed

From study programmes outside the EAN congress (EAN Schools & Regional Teaching Event), to grants that support projects in other European Neurological Departments (EAN Fellowships) and also Mentoring and Leadership in Neurology.

Come by and visit the eanCampus, the innovative eLearning platform from EAN. Content is available for users at all experience levels, and in all 29 EAN Scientific Topics. EAN Members are invited to explore the entirety of the platform, with access to over 1,000 congress presentations, unique case studies, guidelines, podcasts, interactive modules and more!

Please visit us also at LEARN booth in the virtual congress platform to gather all information when not being live and in-person in Budapest.

Get all the information on EAN guideline production and the Scientific Panels - not only on panel membership but also what these panels do and plan to do in the future. Grab your copy of the European Journal of Neurology and make yourself familiar with other great publications.

Visit this area already in the morning for a cup of coffee and a chat among colleagues from all over Europe and the world and seize the opportunity for quick casual business meetings. 
MEET your colleagues in a relaxed setting! Coffee will be served in the mornings and evenings - stop by to hang out and get to know our next congress destinations. Come by and pick-up a paper printout of our #EAN2023 picture posted on social media. 
Latest information on the 2024 EAN Congress in Helsinki will also be made available. During coffee and lunch breaks, challenge yourself with the tricky EAN "hot wire" game. 


Hungary uses the 230 Volt/50 Hz system and two-pin continental plugs – the same as most other European countries.
Electric appliances use continental-style two-pin plugs. Power converters can be borrowed at some hotels. 
If you visit from the UK, Ireland, Australia or Switzerland, you need to bring a plug adaptor. C and F type plugs generally fit on Hungarian electricity sockets.
The USA, Canada and a large part of South America have the different 110-127 Volt system, which means many devices from there can only be connected in Hungary using a transformer.

Emergency Phone Numbers

In case of an emergency there are four different phone numbers you should know.

  • International Emergency Number: Tel 112
  • Fire and major accidents: Tel 105
  • Police: Tel 107
  • Ambulance: Tel 104

ePoster & ePresentation Sessions

IMPORTANT: All congress participants who are attending the onsite congress are asked to bring their smartphone, headphones and/or tablet with them to participate in ePoster & epresentation session.

ePoster and ePresentation sessions are held in the eposter area located in the exhibition and will not be livestreamed or recorded. 
ePosters and ePresentations will also be available online and will include a narration of the presenting author. 


An extensive exhibition will be held concurrently with the congress.
Exhibition opening hours are:

  • Saturday, 1 July 2023: 9:30 - 17:30h
  • Sunday, 2 July 2023: 9:30 - 17:30h
  • Monday, 3 July 2023: 9:30 - 17:30h
  • Tuesday, 4 July 2023: 9:30 - 13:30h

Accompanying children over the age of 1 year are not allowed to access the exhibition area due to the Pharma Codex. Thank you for your understanding.

Film and photos

Please be advised that photographs and video recordings may be taken at the 9th EAN Congress. By participating in the congress, you consent to the publication, release, exhibition and/or reproduction of such photos to be used for the EAN website, EAN newsblog "EAN pages" and on social media.

Insurance and Liability

The congress organisers cannot accept liability for personal accidents or loss of or damage to private property of participants, either during or indirectly arising from the 9th Congress of the European Academy of Neurology.
It is recommended that all participants are covered by personal travel insurance for their trip.

Healthy Event

As a medical organisation, health is very important to the European Academy of Neurology.
Not only the health of patients, but that of our participants’ brains and bodies and of our general environment.
Click here for further information: Healthy event


The official language of the congress is English. No simultaneous translation will be provided.

Lost and Found

Please reach out to the congress registration help desk during the congress. After the congress, please contact headoffice(at)

Lunch and Coffee Breaks

Light lunch and coffee breaks are included in the onsite registration fee and will be served in the exhibition area.


The faculty of the congress can be contacted via the Virtual Congress Platform.

Medical Assistance

Please apply to the congress registration help desk.

Mobile Charging Station

Mobile charging stations will be placed all over the venue available to all congress participants. It is recommended to bring a power charger with you to the Congress.

Mobile Phones/Smartphones

Important: All congress participants who are attending the onsite congress are asked to bring their smartphone and/or tablet with them to participate in all features such as interactive voting, Q&A and evaluations.

Please note that mobile phones must be muted during all sessions.

Paperless Congress

As in previous years, the Congress Programme and the Abstract Book will be available online only. A printed Pocket Programme will be available onsite.

Pocket Programme

The Pocket-Programme will give an overview of the Congress Programme, EAN activities and includes a floorplan, which is very useful to navigate onsite. 
Pocket Programmes are available at the EAN booth and in the registration area.

Prayer Room

A place of silence and contemplation in the hustle and bustle of the congress. This room is open to members of all religions and worldviews. For additional information and onsite location, please visit the Registration Area.

Press and Press Room

A media room with wireless internet access is available to registered journalists.
The press room is located in the venue. 

To receive a press badge, media representatives must contact press(at) and apply with the respective accreditation. For any other press related questions please also contact press(at)

As a rule, filming and photographing is not permitted in congress sessions and in the exhibition.

Public transportation 

If you stay in any part of Budapest and want to find your way to the HUNGEXPO, we  recommend  using  Google  Maps  (or  other  similar  applications, like Waze) and typing " Hungexpo "  into  the  search  field. 
Hungexpo official address is the following:

Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center
H-1101 Budapest Albertirsai út 10.

For  those  who  use  public  transport  we  suggest  the  following  three  options  to  get  to  the  Venue : 

Tram No. 37A: This tram starts from Blaha Lujza  tér  (in the  centre  of downtown Budapest, metro line 2, red line) and takes 15-20 minutes to the venue. You have to get off the tram at the " Kőbánya  Felső" stop, pass through the railway subway, and on the left side, you will see the tall building of C pavilion , which is the main entrance for the EAN Congress 2023 (10 minute walk).

Metro and public buses: In this case, you take metro line 2 (red line) into the direction of  Örs  Vezér Tere Metro station and get off at “ Örs  Vezér Tere”. Take Bus No. 10 passing in a circle from the metro station around the HUNGEXPO area and stops at each gate. Bus No. 10 (from 7am to 9am every 10 minutes, from 7pm to 8.30pm every ten minutes; from 9am to 7pm on an hourly basis)

Or you walk from” Örs  Vezér Tere” to Hungexpo (25-30 minutes)

Hungarian Railways (MÁV):  Keleti  Pályaudvar  ( East  Railway  Station ) is  the  station  where  you  can  take  trains  to  the  Venue . The first stop is the „ Kőbánya  Felső"  railway  station ,  where  you  have  to  get  off . Then you have to pass through the railway subway, and on the left side, you will see the tall building of C pavilion , which is the main entrance for the EAN Congress 2023 (10 minute walk).

For further information on the exact timetables of public transportation, please got to:

Attendees also use electric rollers (e.g. Tier app.) to get to the venue from the city centre.

Session Descriptions

There are various session formats at EAN Congresses divided in educational and scientific Congress Programme! Please visit Session Descriptions

Smoking policy

Smoking is prohibited at all times in the meeting halls, exhibit halls and restrooms. Your compliance is appreciated.

Speakers' Service Center (SSC)

All speakers are requested to hand in their presentations (PowerPoint only) online via the Virtual Speaker Service Center. Upload links are sent out to the email address used for the MyEAN account of the speakers. If you cannot find your upload link, please contact Budapest2023(at)
There are possibilities to upload presentations via a USB compatible memory stick at the Speakers’ Service Centre (SSC) at least four hours before the beginning of the session. The Speaker Service Center is located on level 1 of hall C in the congress venue.
Speakers will have the opportunity to check their presentations on desktop devices available in the SSC.

Teaching Courses

Please check the Congress Programme for the scheduling of Teaching Courses. As in 2022, Teaching Courses will be available free of charge for all registered participants.

Time Zone

Hungary is in the Central European Timezone (CET).

Visa Regulations

Visa regulations depend on your nationality and country of origin. Please contact your local consulate or embassy for official instructions on the specific visa regulations and application procedures that apply to you.
If you are required to request a visa letter, please log in into your MyEAN account and go to your event participation (EAN Events à My Registration) and click on the button ‘Request Visa Letter’. The Visa Letter can only be requested once through the MyEAN platform; please make sure that all information is correct!
Please be aware that the onsite registration must be completed and paid to request a Visa Letter.


Wi-Fi will be available free of charge in the registration and exhibition area as well as in session rooms.

SSID Name: EAN2023_Wifi
Password: Ean2023!