Uploading your presentation

All presenters (invited presentations, oral presentations, ePresentations, ePoster presentations) will receive a message with detailed information on scheduling by Friday, 10 April 2020. In the week after, an information message on how to present at the Virtual Congress (including an upload link and technical details) will be sent. 

  • The material needs to be uploaded via a personalized link that will be sent to all presenters by 15 April at the latest. 
  • Recordings need to be uploaded by 15 May 2020, 23:59 CET. 
  • There will be technical support available for your upload. Details will be communicated.

Presenting at the EAN Virtual Congress

There will be scheduled slots for all presentations during the virtual congress. There will be a chat function as well as a live Q&A for all sessions during specified times. The presenters are kindly asked to be present during the scheduled time to ensure interaction with the audience.

Dress Code

As for the face-to-face congress the dress code is business casual. Please wear the same clothes for your presentation pre-recording as well as for the Q&A as you would have at the face-to-face meeting. 

Session structure for all presentations

All sessions include pre-recordings as well as a live component. We want to make sure to retain as much human interaction as possible.

  • Prior to the session (until the upload deadline on 15 May 2020), all lectures are recorded and uploaded to our system. They need to be of an exact length (as indicated in your information mailing) to ensure smooth development of the session.
  • Please leave time for discussion. If your recording is too long, the time for discussion will be lost, which is one major component in the meeting 
  • At the scheduled timeslot of the session, the chairperson of the session has 5 minutes to open the session and introduce the speakers.
  • Then the recording of the first lecture will be played. At all times there is a live-chat available, where all participants can contribute to the session or ask questions.
  • After each lecture, there is some time reserved for a discussion with the chairperson. Lecturers and chairpersons therefore need to be online at the scheduled timeslot. They will discuss questions from the audience or further details of the session. There will be a timer available for the speakers’ convenience.
  • This is the same procedure for all lectures – after the last one, the chairperson has a few more minutes to close the session and address any last-minute questions.

Please note that it is also possible for all participants to send a private message with questions to the lecturers, which will be answered after the congress and published on the platform so all EAN members can benefit from it. If the lecturer is not available to be online at the scheduled timeslot, we will also forward the questions from the chat to them and publish the answers after the congress.