Overarching Theme

Time for Action: Predict, Prevent, Repair


Predict, Prevent, Repair are the 3 fundamental challenges in dealing with neurological diseases. Preclinical detection of diseases, developing disease-modifying treatments that will provide neuroprotection, and interventional approaches to repair or compensate for neurological alterations are currently hot and challenging topics.

Novel therapeutic interventions, designed to predict, prevent and repair across the spectrum of neurodegenerative diseases, neuro-inflammation, stroke, epilepsy, sleep disorders, neuromuscular disorders and genetic disorders will be in the focus of many sessions. 


Plenary Symposium
- Risk prediction and precision medicine in stroke prevention
Preventing disability progression in Multiple Sclerosis: from basic science to clinical care
- Epilepsy Surgery: Timing and preventing adverse outcome
- Halting neurodegeneration and repair in Huntington's disease: recent developments and insights for other neurodegenerative diseases

Focused Workshop Epilepsy
- Status epilepticus: time critical management
- Epilepsy: Impact of diagnostic and treatment delay
- Auto-immune epilepsy: delay, diagnosis and treatment challenges

Focused Workshop Stroke: "Can we protect and repair the brain after stroke?"
- Renaissance of neuroprotection in the era of recanalization?
- Will there ever be a mechanism to repair the brain after stroke?
- How can we protect the brain from secondary brain damage after ICH?