Brain Health School Challenge Project

Why should we prioritise our brain health?

The brain is the centre of everything we do, feel, experience, and live through. The health of our brain shapes every aspect of our lives, from the moment we are born until our last breath. It enables us to think, move, speak, listen, hear, feel, smell, taste, and love. It should be self-evident to care for our brains, as they serve as the epicentre of our cognitive well-being and the foundation for a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Launched by the European Academy of Neurology, the Brain Health Mission is a collaborative initiative rooted in evidence-based research that underscores the importance of a holistic approach to brain and mental health, and to the needs of people, patients, and their carers and families.

What is the Brain Health School Challenge?

To catalyse the wave of brain health advocacy and cultivate healthy habits among children and young people, the Brain Health Mission has launched the Brain Health School Challenge—an innovative initiative springing from our dedication to nurturing thriving minds.

How does the Brain Health School Challenge promote brain health? 

The Brain Health School Challenge is an exciting venture that empowers young minds to shape the future of brain and mental health. Participants, divided into three age categories, are tasked with coming up with ideas, strategies, or campaigns to inspire their peers to prioritize brain health. They are guided to express their unique vision through mediums like posters, short videos, songs, texts, comics, or dances, advocating not only creativity but also the vital message of fostering a brain-healthy lifestyle. Empowering youth in championing for brain health today ensures a future generation equipped with resilience, creativity, and a deep commitment to nurturing their most precious asset—their brains.

What is the aim of the Brain Health School Challenge?

With its innovative approach and potential positive impact, we aim to inspire widespread adoption of this creative school project across Europe and beyond. By showcasing its adaptability, feasibility, and benefits, we hope to catalyse its integration into educational systems worldwide, fostering a global movement towards elevating discussions on brain health through innovative educational approaches. 

How the Brain Health School Challenge operates:

Challenge/Task: Students are asked to come up with an idea, strategy, or campaign on how to motivate their peers in taking care of their brain health. The project can be presented in a variety of means including, a poster, short video, song, text, comic, dance, etc. What is important is that the contribution advocates for brain health and motivates other young people to engage in brain health activities. 

Participants: Divided into three age groups, with a first and second-place prize awarded to each group. Contributions must be submitted to represent the entire class; individual contributions are not allowed.

Evaluation: A jury will review all the contributions and select the winners based on criteria such as originality, relevance, feasibility, collaboration, and impact. A comprehensive assessment should consider the project's creativity, practicality, and potential positive influence on individuals and the community. A pre-selection of project submissions will be displayed on the official website ( for public voting.

Prizes: Prizes may vary depending on country.

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