Overarching Theme

Neurology within society

The Overarching Theme for the EAN Congress 2025 in Seville explores the multifaceted relationship between neurology and society.

Our theme covers a range of important topics such as the distinction between neurodegeneration and normal aging; economic challenges in European neurology; societal perceptions of neurological disorders; regional variations in neurological management; the impact of modern environmental changes on cognitive functions and dementia development; and the integration of neuroscience techniques into social sciences to address contemporary challenges in learning, economics, and societal emergencies.​

Combined, these topics comprise an Overarching Theme that offers insights into the connections between neurology, society, and environmental factors, spanning from the clinical intricacies of neurological disorders to the broader societal implications and the integration of neuroscience in addressing contemporary challenges. Also, it reflects the importance of brain health and of raising awareness among health care professionals on its connection to society.

This Overarching Theme will be the focus of many sessions to suit the interests of all neurologists, whether clinicians or scientists, general or specialised neurologists, from the younger to the more advanced generations.

Focused Workshop

Saturday, 21 June 2025, 08:00–09:30 

6 million years of evolution: Do we fit in today’s society?

  • Influence of sleep and chronotypes: Are we adapted for today’s society?
  • The social media/smartphone world: Effect on attention and memory
  • Impact of lifestyle, nutrition, and pollution on the development of neurological disorders

Focused Workshop

Sunday, 22 June 2025, 08:00–09:30

Interactions between brain and environment

  • Neuropaedagogics – linking brain function, teaching, and behaviour
  • The evolving social brain: Understanding how brain function influences relationships
  • How do people with neurological disorders cope with global emergencies

Plenary Symposium

Monday, 23 June 2025, 10:00– 12:00

Neurology and society – how do they interact?

  • The difference between neurodegeneration and normal aging – an anthropological view
  • The economic costs of neurological disorders
  • Stigma and perception of neurological disorders in Europe
  • Different approaches to neurological management in Europe