Ean NEuro-covid ReGistrY (ENERGY)

The EAN NEuro-covid ReGistrY Consortium (ENERGY) intends to provide epidemiological data on neurological manifestations in patients with COVID-19 infection reported by neurologists in outpatient services, emergency rooms, and hospital departments.

Until recently, information available on the involvement of the nervous system during this pandemic was based on case reports and retrospective clinical series. These sources are open to selection bias, although there are indicators that neurological complications in COVID-19 patients are associated with a worse outcome. On the contrary, a registry can shed some light on the burden and general characteristics of neurological complications of the COVID-19 outbreak and the association of these complications with the demographic and clinical features of the affected individuals.

In the EAN ENERGY Registry, neurologists are asked to implement the study protocol in their institution/clinic, to assess and record demographic and other data, neurologic symptoms and signs in confirmed and suspected COVID-19 patients.

The ENERGY protocol has been translated into different languages (Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and Portuguese) assuring a straightforward implementation in different countries around the world.

The ENERGY Registry has also established a series of collaborations with different centres in the U.S., Europe and Latin America ensuring a representative inclusion of patients and strengthening worldwide partnerships to overcome together this devastating pandemic.