Review + Rating

Reviewing Process

The annual EAN Research fellowship is set-up in a way that 72 months of support can be granted. Usually, this is 4-5 Research Training fellowship for up to 12 months, and 2-3 Research Experience fellowships of up to 6 months. This depends on the support of months each applicant asks for.

Each Application is reviewed by 2 experts in the field (from among the EAN Scientific Panels) and one Education Committee member.

In order to have a reliable grading system, EAN has created a “scoring sheet” which enables and facilities the reviewing process. 
The score for each project is a result of 9 separate scores:
4 scores for the project (originality, feasibility, usefulness for career, methods)
2 scores for the candidate (CV, publications)
2 scores for the proposed host (Department, supervisor) 
1 score for the overall impression

Some of the scores weight more than others such as feasibility, methods, host department, own CV, overall impression of applicant/application.