RTC in Moscow, Russia 2021 - Virtual

Virtual Regional Teaching Course in Moscow, Russia

April 15-17, 2021


Organiser: Assoc. Prof. Mikhail Poluektov, Moscow, Russia: polouekt(at)mail.ru

Location: Online facility – Registration and further information can be found here: http://ean-rtc2021.ru/

This course is supported by:

All-Russian Society of Neurologists

Preliminary Programm (Russian time, please note that Central European Summer Time is one hour prior):

Day 1: Headache

April 15, 2021

Prof. Stefan Evers (Germany) 
Prof. Vera Osipova (Russia)  
Assoc. prof. Veronika Golovacheva (Russia) 

10:00 Opening 

10:05 Migraine
Prof. Stefan Evers (Germany)

10:55 Medication overuse headache 
Prof. Zaza Katsarava (Germany) 

11:45 Tension-Type headache 
Prof. Jensen Rigmor (Denmark) 

12:35 Vascular headache 
Assoc. prof. Veronika Golovacheva (Russia) 

13:20 - 14:20 Lunch

14:20 - 16:45 Workshops 

14:20 How to treat migraine
Dr. Alexei Sergeev (Russia)

15:10 Management of tension-type headache
Prof. Vera Osipova (Russia)

16:00 Enigma of trigeminal autonomic cephalgia 
Dr. Yulia Azimova (Russia)  


Day 2: Cognition

April 16, 2021

Dr. Kristian Frederiksen (Denmark ) 
Assoc. Prof. Mikhail Poluektov (Russia) 

10:00 Opening 

10:05 Vascular cognitive impairment 
Dr. Kristian Frederiksen (Denmark) 

10:55 MCI and Alzheimer’s disease 
Prof. Irena Rektoriva (Czech Republic) 

11:40 – 12:00 Lunch 

12:00 – 12:45 Meet the professor session  
Prof. Claudio Bassetti (Switzerland) 

12:50 – 14:55 Young scientists symposium  

Prof. Vladimir Parfenov (Russia)  
Dr. Kristian Frederiksen (Denmark) 

12:50 Diagnostic approaches for cryptogenic stroke: the experience of comprehensive stroke center in Russia 
Kulesh Alexey (Russia, Perm) 

13:10 New approaches in diagnostics of disorders of consciousness 
Legostaeva Liudmila (Russia, Moscow) 

13:30 Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of internet-based cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia in clinical settings 
Pchelina Polina (Russia, Moscow) 

13:50 Early electrophysiological and pathomorphological changes in the acute period of traumatic brain injury: a translational study of the mechanisms of epileptogenesis. 
Komoltsev Ilia (Russia, Moscow) 

14:10 Multiple sclerosis 
Spirina Natalia (Russia, Yaroslavl) 

14:30 Epileptiform activity index for assessing oxcarbazepin therapy of newly-diagnosed focal epilepsy in adolescents and adults 
Azhigova Asya (Russia, Moscow) 

14:50 Closing of the symposium  

15:00 RRFS Lecture by young neurologists 
Dr. Nina Vaschenko 

15:25 Poststroke cognitive disorders 
Prof. Vladimir Zakharov (Russia) 


Day 3: Sleep disorders

April 17, 2021

Prof. Luigi Ferini-Strambi (Italy) 
Assoc. Prof. Mikhail Poluektov (Russia) 

10:00 Opening  

10:05 Sleep and neurodegeneration   
Prof. Claudio Bassetti (Switzerland) 

10:55 Paroxismal conditions during sleep    
Prof. Luigi Ferini-Strambi (Italy)     

11:45 The link between headache, cognition and sleep  
Dr. Rolf Fronczek (The Netherlands) 

12:35 Insomnia disorder 
Assoc. Prof. Mikhail Poluektov (Russia)      

13:20 Closing ceremony