AC Forum

What is AC Forum?
The Associations Conference Forum (AC Forum) is Europe’s only networking platform established exclusively for and by associations with salaried staff and organising congresses in-house.

AC Forum provides a platform for exchange of knowledge, expertise and experiences amongst association peers facing comparable challenges in the association and congress industry.

Most members stem from the health field, but membership is open to associations in various disciplines.

Aims & Objectives
The aim of AC Forum is to advance association leadership and congress management. It provides its members with a variety of opportunities to network and exchange experiences in environments that are confidential, trusting and free from commercial influence. All activities are led by members.

The AC Forum utilises the expertise from among its members, and external experts, to deliver quality, cost-effective, needs-led educational offerings that support both association and congress leadership, management and innovation.

EAN is a member of the AC Forum since 2017.