African Academy of Neurology

The AFrican Academy of Neurology (AFAN) is organised as a not-for-profit private civil society. AFAN shall remain independent in its activities.

The Mission of AFAN is to represent and unify all African Neurologists through their National Neurological Societies, towards optimal neurological education and up-to-date knowledge on advances in the Neurosciences. The aim is directed towards the provision of the highest level of care to neurological patients, as well as to improve public awareness throughout the continent of the importance of prompt and lifelong care for those afflicted by neurological disease.
The activities of AFAN shall be open to all of those who work, teach or carry out research in the field of Neurology in Africa irrespective of gender, race, language, religion, philosophy, political opinions or nationality.
The main objectives of AFAN are the following:

  • To stimulate and promote the formation and organisation of African National Societies of Neurology and to promote national and international collaboration.
  • to promote excellence in clinical research and neuroepidemiology as sources of progress in patient care, and in the implementation of effective Public health measures.
  • To become instrumental in being an element of change in the improvement of curricula for the teaching of Neurology, and adapting it to local pathologies and ensuring the highest educational standards.
  • to strive for optimal moral and ethical professional behaviour of all members of affiliated Neurological Societies.
  • to support and defend at national and international levels the professional practice of Neurology and to strive for the continuing education of African Neurologists.
  • To promote Neurological Care and Brain Health in Africa through the fight against stigmatisation of patients with Neurological Disorders and to support their families.