The e-Communication Board is under the auspices of the Communication Committee, but its members are not members of the CC.

The eCommunication Board is responsible for: 

  • Running the EAN website.
    This includes the Guideline Reference Center, Neurology Updates, Registrar's Reading Lists, Scales and Scores as well as content on the start page of
  • Running the EAN news blog
    The EAN news blog is called EANpages. At present, monthly issues are published with the provision of important news items being published when obtained. During the EAN Congress, EANpages provide special daily issues to bring the Congress to the EAN members and the neurological community, not able to attend the congress in person.
  • Running EAN Social media
    An annual social media plan is prepared by the office in accordance with the annual calendar of EAN. Any additional/special activities occurring throughout the year are implemented as they occur. All committees and working groups are asked to send information on such events.


Macerollo, Antonella


Macerollo, Antonella (MD)
Liverpool, United Kingdom


Bodini, Benedetta


Bodini, Benedetta (Dr)
Paris, France
Juliette, Dufour


Juliette, Dufour
Paris, France
Papp, Viktoria


Papp, Viktoria (MD)
Odense, Denmark
Rakusa, Martin


Rakusa, Martin (Prof. Dr.)
Maribor, Slovenia
Colonna, isabella

RRFS Representative

Colonna, isabella
monteroni di lecce, Italy