Magnificent earth, neurological reading

Inspired by the spectacular depths of the cosmos captured in images from the Hubble Space Telescope and the evocative visions created by Bernhard Edmaier’s highly unconventional landscape photography, we let our imaginations go on their own journey. Our aim was to visually make the association between the uncharted corners of our planet – and beyond – and those unexplored realms inside ourselves that are still waiting to be discovered. 

Is that a close-up of a carotid artery? No! It’s a confluence of acidic swamp-water at Landeyjar Sander in Iceland. Are those motor neurons innervating a muscle? No, it’s a salt lake called Hutt Lagoon in Western Australia. With Bernhard Edmaier’s seemingly abstract images of earthly wonders you might easily be mistaken for thinking you were in the physical world of the human body.
Sometimes things simply aren’t what they seem.

Because neurologists are explorers.

Neurology advances into unknown territories just as Vasco da Gama, Alexander von Humboldt, Gertrude Bell, or even Yuri Gagarin once did. The difference is that we neurologists don’t literally step into a new world. Beyond the physical reality of the human body, we also examine the truth behind the obvious and try to navigate our way through the universe of about 86 billion neurons that is found inside our own heads. 

In recent years, we have made incredible leaps forward in the fields of neuroscience and neuromedicine, both in our knowledge and with new therapies, making our discipline a real success story in the medical world. Nevertheless, there is still plenty of potential for us to make new discoveries. Just as in the vast expanse of outer space and the deepest oceans of our planet, we have so much yet to explore. 

The EAN is searching for like-minded people who share our vision and passion for exploring neurology.

As an international community, we strive to discover, understand and conquer these inner worlds. For the good of our patients, and ultimately for humankind.

As we contribute to one of humankind’s most ambitious projects to uncover the functioning of the nervous system, the more “regions” we can chart, the more powerfully the discipline of neurology will be able to position itself to solve the health challenges of the future. Finding cures, providing the right therapies for all kinds of neurological diseases and keeping our brains healthy.
Achieving this is EAN’s highest objective. 

Let’s inspire excellence. Together.

Images of the Earth by Bernhard Edmaier

From Geology to Photography … to Neurology

BERNHARD EDMAIER studied civil engineering and was employed as a geologist before he made photography his career and set new standards in landscape photography; reproducing impressive views of the Earth with his aerial photographs. He aims to present the manifold colours, forms and structures which the Earth has created without man’s interference. His images, which unite high quality photography and science, have caused international sensation and been received with great excitement by international audiences. His work is exhibited internationally and published in magazines. He is author of the bestselling books Earthsong, Earth on Fire and EarthArt.

“I view my work as a continuous expedition to explore the surface of our planet, especially in places where it was formed by the external forces of nature such as water, wind or ice or by its internal forces such as tectonic movements, volcanic or orogenetic activity.” 

Bernhard Edmaier


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