As the CoVID-19 pandemic spreads across Europe and the world, in response the European Academy of Neurology is launching EANcore CoVID-19. This resource aims to help neurologists in Europe and beyond prepare for and manage the challenges this global crisis is bringing. In several European countries, this crisis has already stressed health care systems to their limits, whereas in others preparations are ongoing and the wave of infected patients is building. To support neurologists, EANcore CoVID-19 will provide up-to-date information on the pandemic, collate emerging data on neurological complications, publish reports from front-line doctors, the latest research, breaking news, and more, all to access in just one place. EANcore CoVID-19 is accessible for members and non-members of EAN to support the fight against the greatest global health care challenge of the last century.

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Covid-19 Statistic

5 924 275 cases Worldwide
364 867 deaths Worldwide
1 941 397 cases Europe
2 493 535 recovered Worldwide
3 065 873 currently ill Worldwide

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I believe that the covid-19 pandemic showed us that we, as neurologists, are physicians first, and neurologists second. In other words, as neurology has increasingly developed into an acute care field, it is important that we are not only specialists in neurology, but also strive to build and keep expertise in fields adjacent to our core competences. 

COVID-19 – RRFS representative report: Switzerland

Please tell us about your experience with the current COVID-19 pandemic in your hospital?

As in most hospitals, the current pandemic has had a significant impact on how the hospital is operated. The Department of Neurology was organised according to the following priorities: 1.) Accident & Emergency and Stroke Unit, 2.) Ward, 3.) Outpatient Clinic and Neurophysiology Units.

Reflections of a medical student on the consequences and measures implemented at Grenoble-Alpes Medical School in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in my French region and also in Grenoble has radically changed how teaching classes have been organised in our Grenoble Alpes University Medical School.

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